Friday, July 17, 2009

When Things Were Rotten

Things aren't rotten, but I'm a little funk-y. Lack of sleep for three days running makes it a bit more difficult to maintain a high-energy buzz. I'm accepting that I'm not up to par and I spent some extra time meditating this morning, using a guided meditation. That certainly helped me feel better. My intention for today is to treat the world with loving kindness, knowing that I'm in need of a bit of extra TLC. It's my belief that you get back what you put out there. So I'm crawling out of my own head to pour out caring in my universe.

I think I'll hop on a bike in the gym for my exercise today at lunch. Tonight I have a meeting, so that will lift the spirits, as well.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Acknowledge, without judgment, how you feel.


PS: Thanks to Jack and Anne , I'm renaming every song I hear on the radio - This morning's medley: California Rolls (Beach Boys) and Tira Miss You (The Stones). This stuff is addictive.


  1. Thanks for the Friday morning smile. Now I gotta go dig that movie outta my junky dvd drawer.

  2. Feeling funky myself today. Thinking exactly like you...get out of my way, and things will be ok. They always are. This too will pass...blah blah blah.

    It's a law of the must get back what you give.

    How did the bribery work at your meeting?

  3. Dana,

    The bribery worked well. The meeting went great. I, however, built up a head of anxiety over the whole thing. I think I'm suffering a bit of an emotional hangover today.

    Hope you de-funk your funk!

  4. Sorry for the funky-itis, but your plan for handling it looks awesome!

    Wishing you a funk-free weekend!

  5. The funks must be going around I guess.
    Your tag line today is so appropriate.
    Acknowledge ... don't judge.

    J & A are true gems for sure.
    love your remakes.

    here's to the funks packing their trunks ...


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