Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BigAss SpongeButt

I've wasted time this morning trying to find and upload the scene from Grosse Pointe Blank where Joan Cusack's character, in describing her high school reunion says, "It's as though everyone had swelled". Apparently such a clip does not exist and if it did, I would be unable to upload it from YouTube. You young people and all your technology!

A full week plus after indulging in some bread-based appetizers (bruschetta), my body has decided to let go of a little bit of the water weight/bloat/inflammation that happened after I ate (for me) too many simple carby things. My butt must be like a sponge that retains every drop of water that it can! Drives me crazy. It's that hungover poufy feeling that makes it difficult to get back on track, I think because physically, I feel Off. Not exactly how I wanted to go to the reunion, but what the hell.

I'm back to feeling closer to normal which is good but just in time to travel, which my body hates with an equally retentive passion. I'll just be Puffy McPufferton, BigAss SpongeButt at the reunion. Do you think that'll fit on a name tag?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Reduce the swelling.



  1. Geez, are you sure we're not related in some way? I am also fluid-retentive (which is better than anal-retentive, huh?). Last week I ate too many breads and such and yesterday spent the better part of the day P-ing, lol.

    Have fun and don't forget the Pashmina!

  2. Heh, you could have fun with the name tags at the reunion! In spite of the puffiness, I hope you have a great time there - and you'll look puffy only to you, so don't fret too much!

  3. My fave was the BigAss SpongeButt! How funny. You will be the only one the knows your puffy. Besides, we all saw the outfit.....AGAIN you will be smokin!

    Being bloated makes you uncomfortable....I am sure you will do fine.

    You always do!

  4. Yikes, Vince!

    No worries, dear. You have those smokin' jeans. Try not to break some hearts.

  5. I'm finally catching up to my fav blogs...and I remembered your comment on my from a while ago....that you were going to be in the Seattle area on Thursday.

    Where are you going to be? If you are around here (Redmond, Kirkland, etc)...if you have a few free minutes, want to get together for a coffee or something? I'd love to meet a fellow blogger.

  6. One reunion tip: don't do what I did last time... begin every conversation with "Don't you owe me some money?"

  7. Good luck on your trip!
    I know how you feel... I'm like a sponge too! Hopefully this trip will not make you feel so puffy :)

  8. Geesus, Roxie ... too hilarious.
    I still laugh about your not wanting to be the homecoming float!

    You may just be the smallest, puffiest person there ...
    You KNOW everyone is worrying endlessly about this same thing.
    OUR bodies are not the important thing here ... why are we so attached to our looks, eh?
    I would be doing the exact same thing ... honestly I wouldn't even BE going so you've got guts to do this. Not puffy guts mind you but ...
    ok let's make it cojones


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