Monday, August 17, 2009

Blocked and Bloated

Oy! What a Monday. Today my intention is to not let the stressors of the weekend bleed over into my Monday and on to those around me. My concerns are not THEIR problems. I shouldn't expect every one to indulge me. So I'll whine here and try to make good choices for the rest of the day. And while it's scheduled to be a rough day, it will end. Eventually. It will.

Weekend was full of houseguests and cooking many meals and sleeping on the couch and not enough rest and airport runs late in the night. Obviously, I haven't had enough routine in my life recently.

This morning was made worse by running late and then discovering that I missed the memo that all our parking passes/access cards were being changed out, so I get to work and can't get into the parking lot. That meant a trip back to the security office, etc to get all new stuff. Sigh.

But the bitching stops here. I can't change events but I can choose to change how I react and view them. I will get sleep tonight. I will have my house back. It will all be over at the end of the day.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Choose your views.


pic - me all dressed up and freezing at the dirt track races in WA a week ago Saturday.


  1. Wow, sounds like you're having a classic Monday. Hope things settle down and you can get a handle on your life.

  2. Monday, Monday! Yes, it will be over soon. I am feeling alittle out of sorts myself.

    Setting my own intentions, wishing us both calm and peace today!

  3. What a day, but I absolutely LOVE your attitude and am writing a couple of your quotes down for later on when I'm sure I'll be needing the reminder!

  4. aaah, Monday....
    I hope your day slips back into order when you get home. If you can tell yourself not to over-react you're a better woman than I am! When life is crap its good to have somewhere to blow off steam a bit! How did we manage before there was blogging?
    Take care of yourself

  5. oy to the vay!
    Deep Breaths ... there is the end of the tunnel with all the pretty lights ... ok so they're traffic lights on the way home but ya know ... you'll be HOME :D


  6. I am totally with Fitceteria when she says "Oy to the Vay!"

    This is an excellent place to do some whining.

  7. You have the prettiest eyes. I hope your evening is nice and quiet.

  8. Right as rain, Roxie.
    No matter how bad my day is, my patient is having a worse one...

  9. Anne, I think your perspective is the right one to have. Thanks for sharing it.


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