Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Business Opportunity

Stuck in Port Townsend

Roxie and Bick in the Sunflowers

Bick enjoying his vacation - this may be my favorite picture of him ever!

I can't imagine why I gained 5 pounds!

Now to the business opportunity. We stayed in Belltown while in Seattle. What I really wanted to see was the real estate in the area - I'm not buying or renting of course, so it wouldn't be right to contact a real estate or leasing agent. I think someone needs to start a tour business around the lines of "What it's really like to live here - the Urban Seattle (or whatever city) Experience". In my business plan, we'd look at a couple of apartments, from studio to larger and then view a couple of places for sale. Then we'd tour/talk about what it's like to grocery shop/cook/do takeaway in an urban setting. How does one deal with a pet? Commute to work? etc. I think a couple of hours spent imagining one's self living in the city would interesting. I'd pay money for that! But then again, I'm one nosy parker!

It was great to get back to the gym. Logged some FTMs.


  1. Yeah! Great pics of you & Bick and Seattle.
    I'm a total nosy parker!
    I've been unbelievably invited in to strangers' homes just by expressing curiosity and interest while passing by!
    I always want to know what's behind the doors and windows of interesting buildings.
    I would definitely go on a tour like this in different cities even if I wasn't interested in moving there
    Is that wrong?
    You look fantastic and very happy.

  2. Great pics. You guys look very happy. Not like a couple that about went fists to cuffs in the

    That cracked me up. I got lost with my Asshole 1st husband when we 1st moved to AZ. Should have divorced his ass right there and

    I agree with everything Karen says. I would pay to check out other cities too. I am SO NOSEY. My kids hate it.

    Who is the woman in the corn?

  3. That is one large bucket of food between the two of you!

    You've probably heard this before but I really like the little sentency thing you write at the very end of your posts. But where is today's?

  4. That corn looks higher than an elephant's eye :-)

  5. I think you might be a genius! Well, even more of a genius than I already knew you to be. I'd pay to go on a tour like that in a heartbeat!

  6. The Woman In The Corn - sounds like a title of a horror movie. That woman is Carolyn, a long time family friend and part of a fabulous husband and wife gardening duo.

    I introduced Bick to them in 2006 and he's been fascinated with them ever since. Woody, the husband, grows just a partial row of this "field corn" just for his grandkids. They get such a kick out of 12 foot tall corn. People will stop and stare at their amazing vegetable garden. They neither one have ever held a driver's license and they grow/can/freeze most of their own food. Lovely and interesting couple - a truly simple life.

  7. You look beautiful in that orange scarf! And you both look like you are having a great time. Even that cute pic of Bick ;)

    I long to have the kind of simple life your friends have. Your business idea sounds right up your alley!


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