Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Wagon?

I need to find that sucker and crawl back on. I certainly miss being in a rut, I mean groove. I don't know when I'm going to find it. May well be September before things settle down.

Last night was a nice and relaxed evening at home. Bick grilled a Costco frenched rack of lamb and it was yummy. We both love lamb, but don't always cook it right, but last night we got it pretty close to perfect.

In other news, Bick and his sisters pay for a housekeeper to come in once a month at his mothers house. In hearing the payrate discussed, Sandy piped up and said she would clean house for that amount. And since she doesn't have a job yet, Bick hired her to clean our house once a month. I offered to pay for another visit, so she's coming in every two weeks to earn a little cash. Tomorrow is her cleaning day. She was over for dinner over the weekend and looked at our dinner menu that I post on the fridge. She saw that salmon was on Wednesday's menu and announced she would be joining us for dinner and spending the night so she would be here for her Thursday cleaning job. She's been an absolute delight of late and I don't want to do a thing to hinder her visits, but I am tired of company!

One piece of the financial deal fell into place yesterday, so that is good. I'll be glad when this is all over. I am hopeful that everything will be completed by week's end. It will be nice to sleep again. Last night was insomnia central.

Again, it will get better. I will get through this. I will get back on track.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Find your groove.



  1. Oh great, now I have "Shake Your Groove Thing" going through my head!

    Hope you find yours soon. While it is wonderful that Sandy is being so attentive and pleasant, I agree that too much company is exhausting after a while. I like my boring routine - it's what keeps me in my groove.

  2. Your wagon is right here - I'm reaching out a hand to get you on it!

  3. Hope you're doing ok Roxie.

    I'm not much for company. I'm a person that needs her alone time ...


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