Monday, August 3, 2009

Keeping (My) Cool

The AC at Reata South went out yesterday afternoon. I'm opting to replace the compressor rather than the whole system at this time. It will be replaced this afternoon/evening. I'm heading out there soon with a pile o'money. I still have trouble dealing with situations like this. As a result of living pretty much on the edge since childhood, I used to go into a full-blown panic when something like this would go wrong. It still takes me a while to talk myself down from the ledge and be able to make rational decisions, but I'm getting better.

We went to brunch for Sandy's birthday yesterday and had a lovely time. Her birthday isn't until Tuesday but she has other plans for the actual day. She's coming over for dinner on Wednesday to wish us bon voyage.

I took myself to the gym yesterday afternoon as I found myself wanting to snack, snack, snack, while Bick was taking a nap. Being secretive with food is an old behavior for me that I don't want to resurface, so I just changed clothes, threw a book in my bag and headed off to the gym. I read and rode the recumbent bike for a while. Packed my appropriate food today and went to the gym at lunch.

I've got a million things to do between now and Thursday. Our flight leaves at like 6:30 am. Why do I always think early flights are a good idea?

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stay cool.



  1. Early flights are a good idea in that you get it over with first thing!
    In the mean time, easy does it, daddy-o/mommy-o!
    Think "cool!"

  2. I initially feel the same way when things break down -- also from childhood. Glad you can get your AC fixed so quickly.

    Where are you flying off to? Hope you're going on an adventure.

  3. Is this the School Reunion? Have a great time.

    I have a hard time with money stuff you have!

  4. Great idea to get yourself out of temptation and into the gym when you want to mindlessly snack! Nice turn around!

    I hate it when crap breaks on my house - last year our A/C stopped working when it was over 100 and I freaked for about an hour. Then called no less than 9 places and finally got the perfect man to come and fix it for $120. Love him almost as much as my husband!

  5. Me too.
    I still get queasy at the house-stuff-that-needs-fixing.

    Another diversion tactic pulled out
    of the successbag. good going!

    And another successful Sandy day.
    Looks like a pattern is emerging ... a good one.

  6. Home repairs - yuk. Glad you didn't let it get you down. Facing things full on really is best.

    Where are you going? I it the reunion?


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