Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plus and Minus

Minus: Never, ever book an early morning flight with Bick. He is incapable of getting his butt in gear and we damned near missed the plane AND came close to a fight. Not a way to start off a vacay.

Neutral: Other than the gate agent at Alaska Air who told me we were supposed to be there TWO HOURS before the flight, the rest of the staff was superb.

Plus: Not checking luggage was a big plus. Right off the plane and to the rental car line.

Minus: I'd already paid the luggage fee online.

Plus: Priceline saved me some serious coin at the world's worst rental car location. Seriously, Seattle quit screwing your visitors! The fees are the worst anywhere I've ever seen and they are almost always sold out of cars in the summer time. I passed frantic vacationers trying to find a car, any car, to rent.

Neutral: We were in Silverdale visiting Bick's aunt when this happened.

Plus: In getting to Silverdale, I crossed over the "new" bridge. It replaced this one.

Plus: In getting home from Silverdale, we visited part of the state I hadn't seen in years.

Minus: Unfortunately, I got to see more than I bargained for because I didn't make ferry reservations and got stuck there for hours.

Plus: Bick decided to try Thai food and it was yummy. I had a dish called Three Kings and it was divine. Bick now says he favors Thai over all other Asian-inspired cuisine.

Minus: Overpriced stay at my hometown hotel. We arrived 15 minutes too late to enjoy the hot tub. Crabapples! I do believe in keeping my dollars close to the community, but I'm done with them. Unfortunately, it's the only game in town, so we'll have to move to a different town in the future.

Plus: The reunion was a blast. I loved reconnecting with friends from long ago.

Minus: Breakfast morning after the reunion with one of my favorite classmates who brought along her bigoted, racist, obnoxious husband. Done with that. Anyone who thinks that it's okay to talk like that is not okay with me. I don't care that you are both persons of color - racism and bigotry swings in all directions. Being brown and black doesn't make you immune.

Plus: One meal of pan-fried oysters. Yummy.

Plus: I picked fresh blackberries at a friend's house and made another cobbler. Yummy.

Seattle portion of the trip:

PLUS PLUS PLUS PLUS: This place is incredible. I got a great deal on the room and our stay was spectacular. And there's a Whole Foods right there. I cannot say enough about this place. Truly the most wonderful hotel stay, ever! (I did feel a little hillbillyish, as we were/are pretty casual folks).

Plus: Did the Duck Boat Tour - had a blast.

Plus: Did the Experience Music Museum and enjoyed that. Bick (Nerd Dude) LOVED the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and we both enjoyed the Muppet exhibition.

Plus: We did the touristy Crab Pot dining, complete with bibs and mallets.

Plus: Pike's Place Market - multiple times. Love that place.

PLUS PLUS PLUS: Ballard Locks. I'd never been and we spent the most of the afternoon. Engineer and Nerd Dude Bick was fascinated. Amazing (and free).

I stepped on the scale this morning and showed a 5 pound gain. While I did enjoy a half of a small portion of mac and cheese for breakfast on Tuesday, some cobbler, a few fries with my pan-fried oysters, etc, I didn't do anything to prompt a five pounder. My body has proven time and time again that if I upset it's delicate balance (my normal way of eating), plus throw in travel, I'll blow right up. I'm not worried. I'm back into my routine and it will all right itself.

Pictures to come.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stay positive.



  1. All in all it sounds like a great time and you're right, you will be right back on track now that you are home!

  2. Damn, it sounds like you had a great time overall.
    Can't wait for the pics.
    Welcome Home, Roxie!

  3. Well, I just have a big ole' smile on my face... All those plus's and only 5lbs? Dang, that is actually great. Water, Water, Water... is your BFF. (even though I know you don't like it)

    Can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like you had a great time!!

  4. I LOVE Pike's Market. . . endless interesting things and people and flying fish to watch.

  5. OH! and in my opinion, there should be more things in life you can do with a mallot & sharp knife for as much fun!!

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