Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She Got Up Off The Couch

She Got Up Off The Couch is a wonderful book that I listened to a couple of years ago. (Highly recommend) I remembered the basic storyline when thinking of Mizfit's and then Hanlie's posts on being your own superhero. As much as anything, I want my daughter to see and know that it is possible to change one's life. I want her to know that no one bad decision or set of decisions make life unrecoverable. There is always hope and there is a way to change to make things better.

It's hard for me to imagine ever being who I used to be - the woman who came home from work and collapsed into a recliner where I would live until bedtime. Pebbles used to tease me about setting up camp there and she was right. I lived in that big old LazyBoy - watching TV, eating junk and letting my world collapse around me. I barely recognize that woman now and I don't think she would recognize me at all. It would have been impossible to imagine that years later I would have evolved into this. I'm grateful for the journey. I'm glad I got up off the couch. And it's not like it's done - it's just now getting interesting. I get to keep getting up off the couch each and every day. It's the journey off the couch that's rewarding, not the destination.

It is my sincere hope and greatest wish that I've stopped, or at the very least, greatly diminished the chaos, dysfunction and disorder from moving to Pebble's generation. I haven't seen signs that she has ever experienced the self-loathing that so many of us have lived with for so long. My hope is that that particular hell bypasses her (and everyone) completely.

There's a new set of fitness classes available this week at the gym. I may try the dance class today. I don't know how to log it as far as my Frequently Tired Miles program, but I guess I'll figure something out. I'm looking to shake things up a bit and do something different. I'm so not a dancer, but learning some moves might be fun.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get up off the couch and be your own superhero.



  1. Change is amazing, isn't it? Whether Pebbles follows her own path or one like yours, only time will tell. You are a great example of what a person is capable of doing!

  2. Oh, but you ARE a dancer!
    And a Super Hero.

  3. I'm off the couch!

    Do you find it difficult now to just relax and do nothing when time allows? I'm good for about 10 minutes of that now. :)

    Enjoy your class!

  4. I'd like to see a meet-up of the person you were then and the person you are now. I imagine it would be quite entertaining.

  5. I'd say you are an excellent example of the possibility for change - and proof that slipping into one set of (not very healthy) habits does not set the pattern for the rest of your life, doesn't condemn you to continue making the same mistakes or remove your ability to make new and better decisions. I'd say you demonstrate that change for the better is possible, if not easy, and that is very freeing - without that, no-one would dare to try anything or take any risks! Everything you've said about your daughter shows her to be open to new experiences, warm, and funny - and as her mother, you take a lot of the credit for that. I hope both of you carry on enjoying the exploration of everything life has to offer!

  6. I think my daughter escaped most of my body issues, but my son has not.

    However, I know that I have shown them that change is possible. I am proud of that.

    Great post!

  7. Until you wrote this, I had forgotten how I used to "hunker down" for the evening...in my case, it was my bed, with the tv, remote, magazines, books...and my hidden snacks. Glad we both have changed - and yes, I worry about the example I set for my sons. Hopefully they will lead a healthier lifestyle than I originally showed them.

  8. It sounds like a great book!

    I am glad I no longer spend so much time on the couch.

    Enjoy your new classes at the gym!


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