Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Just In

I think THIS has my name all over it.

I saw one parked on a bike stand this morning and just had to google it. This just may be a sign!


  1. Oh for sure!
    Can't get a clearer sign than that!

  2. It's beautiful. I'd been thinking of that one myself, but ended up buying the red Point Beach Cruiser instead... mostly because Walmart was discontinuing it and I got the floor model at discount.

    Glad you posted this today. I've been thinking that I should get on it more and learn how to ride the thing. You know that saying about never forgetting how to ride a bike? Not true.

  3. It is a sign! You NEED a cool bike - I love mine! And in Texas, there are very few months that aren't bike riding weather, so you can ride in December as well as June!

  4. I did not buy a cruiser though they look very fun. More weight to push around though. I bought myself a lightweight one. I have enough weight on my butt to push.

  5. The cool thing is that any bike you'd own would be a genuine Roxie Cruiser. This one is a bit heavy with the pepto pink for me...but with the right pashmina...?

  6. See, you NEED a bike. It's a sign.

  7. Another great way to accumulate mileage!

    If you're still considering C4C, better hop to it. They're shutting it down up this way, like tomorrow or Saturday!!

  8. Ooh, pretty! Definitely a sign!

    (My security word is "comet", another sign that you are intended to get this bike and shoot through the universe on it! Or maybe it's a sign to scrub your bathtub.)

  9. Um, No comment...

    (that is supposed to be funny!)

    Just beeeee careful, steer clear of all poles.


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