Sunday, September 27, 2009

As You Wish

Except Not. Still no dress. Buttercup is getting pretty peeved. So that knocked out the plans for the great dress reveal. And the venue review. And spending the day with Pebbles Buttercup. Ah, well. She handled the disappointment in stride and I still had a nice day in spite of the change in plans.

I puttered around the house, straightened up a few things, gave myself a mani/pedi and went through the stacks of magazines that have been building up. I normally do not buy magazines - especially those of the home and garden variety, as that just fuels the desire for consumption in me - lifestyle porn, I call it. But for some reason, I had some leftover/unusable airline miles and I chose to get a couple of magazine subscriptions with them. One of the magazines I chose was Sunset. I love that magazine. But I don't like to keep them around. I go through them, pull out pictures and the like to use in my illustrated (NOT A SCRAPBOOK) journal and then discard the rest. So I spent a little time doing that yesterday. Lovely.

I got to spend leisurely time strolling through three grocery stores - which I like to do when I can do it unhurried. I let some high school kids give Malibu Ken a bath as fund raising effort. They were trying to get to Italy. Not the greatest wash, but the cause was good. Oh, and speaking of fund raising - ugh - I bought cookie and brownie mix from my neighbor's adorable little boys. I'm such a soft touch. I certainly don't need that crap in the house. And we've still got a box of cookie dough from last year that Bick bought. Hmmm. I need to figure out a way to get rid of that. Especially before the next stuff arrives - but those boys were so cute and polite that I couldn't possibly say no. Oh, and Bick had already purchased from another neighbor kid, so in a couple of weeks, Hillbilly Haven will be over-run with dough!

In the not so great column - I did cook the worst meal of my entire life, I do believe. I'm a pretty good home chef. I'll tackle most anything, but 99% of my failures come with fish. Last nights' fish was inedible. Tasted of lemon Pledge. We threw it away. Oh, and I got too interested in the History Detectives (I'm such a nerdygirl) and I let the sweet potato fries burn in the oven. So I got a bit derailed - dinner was broccoli, bread and peanuts.

And my next attempt at bath salts didn't satisfy the real "princess" around here - Bick. I found some essential oils today and mixed up another round, but Bathzilla still didn't think I got it right. I think he'll just have to pay the $14.99 per jar that they want for this stuff, cuz I am not. That's too much money for stress relief - it would stress me right out to buy it! I'll be just fine with my home grown version. I used it and slept like a baby last night (and so did he!).

Sunday's garden update: Looks like one brussels sprout plant has bid adieu. Everything else looks pretty good. The swiss chard is sprouting, but I've seen nothing from the spinach. Our peppers have been in over-drive as of late, doing their best to convince us to plant them again next year. They'd been so lackluster, that we'd scratched them off the list. We've got one more bed to amend, although nothing will go in it until spring. I'm planting an entire bed of my beloved Tarheel beans. And when the peppers come out, then I'll put that space in sugar snap peas.

I don't know what else is on tap for the day. The Greek food festival is in Dallas this weekend and we went last year and enjoyed it. It's a possibility. This is my off day for exercise, but I wouldn't mind a drive out to one of the lakes and a nice walk with SadieLuWho. Don't know. I do know that I'm enjoying my morning.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Beware of Rodents of Unusual Size.



  1. broccoli bread & peanuts ... you sure know how to live! :D

    it sounds like you had a very relaxing, enjoyable Saturday.

  2. Cookie dough?! Me buying cookie dough would be equivalent of a junkie buying heroin. Couldn't do it, no matter how adorable the midget salespeople. :)

    Have a great Sunday!

  3. We always get hit up by the Girl Scouts to buy cookies. We've learned to just give them the money and tell them to give the cookies to someone else (themselves, an elderly person, whatever). This means we can support a good cause but we don't have to have the cookies around our house. Cuz we CAN'T have that type of thing around our house.

    You could also give the cookie mix to the food bank.

  4. You are a better person than I, Roxie - after making an unedible dinner, I would have gone out to eat.

    I was hit up by a kid selling Butter Braids and cookie dough - had to turn her down. I just can't have that sh*t in my house...I know my weaknesses!

    I'm so disappointed about the wedding dress not coming in! I think I'm living vicariously through you and Pebbles, watching this wedding unfold!

  5. Shame about the fish! When I make a dinner I can't eat I usually end up having something on toast... and its never a vegetable!
    I wouldn't be able to keep cookie dough in the house either, I can't believe you've still got a box from last year! I would have to either bake them and find some unsuspecting passerby to fob them off onto, or throw the box away before I did something regrettable...
    I hope you get the big dress reveal soon - it must be sooooo frustrating for you both

  6. LOLing at the bath salt critic! Some people are hard to please.

    I would donate the dough as quickly as possible, it would be far too tempting in my house.

    Broccoli bread and peanuts sounds quite a balanced meal, shame about lemon pledge fish dinner. You are so funny!

  7. I loooove that movie...I bought it for the kids about 8 years ago thinking I could have some 'me' time, about the time wesley fetched the pitcher and buttercup fetched wesley, I decided to watch it through.
    Hope the dress comes through.
    I will watch out for both rodents of unusual size and the fire swamp. dangerous.

  8. I'm a magazine junkie, but I mostly buy them from yard sales and library sales now. Too many $$$, otherwise.

    Fingers crossed on the dress....


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