Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing The Right Stuff

My outlook is a little brighter today. Thank you all for the helpful comments. I do let this stuff get me more down more than it should. I do a decent job of handling stuff onesy and twosey, but when it starts piling on, well, I don't do so well. Plus, Bick, who is usually my greatest supporter, did something that really hurt my feelings - which I was wearing right there on my sleeve! He wasn't wrong, but his timing sure was.

I ate right yesterday, got some exercise and got some rest. I also spent some more time in the flower garden last night after work. Over the weekend, I cleared out the summer garden and my folly of a flower bed. Last year, I bought two very small moonflower plants and stuck them in the ground. This weekend, it took me ten contractor-sized trash bags to haul away the foot-long sized pieces as I cut them up. I'm sure I'll be pulling up moonflowers from now until kingdom come.

I also cleaned out my summer containers and over the weekend, I found some bright light swiss chard sets that I'm going to use as part of the ornamental containers. I got those put in pots, along with some cheap mums and a few other bits and pieces that I transplanted last night. I'll add some violas and pansies when they become available, as things look a little sparse. I've been looking for some black kale sets, but I doubt I'll find them and I think it may be too late it set them out for ornamental purposes. But I'll keep my eyes peeled. All to say, digging in the garden is a very zen (and sweaty) activity for me. It was good for me and I enjoyed it.

Dinner last night was fabu and easy! My favorite combination - I did a roasted pork tenderloin and threw in some broccoli to roast via this recipe. I didn't have pine nuts, so I didn't use those. I was too lazy to go back outside and get the basil, so I omitted that, as well. I didn't have a lemon, so I subbed in just a splash of rice vinegar, oh, and I cooked it for 18 minutes, at 500 degrees, right along with the loin. Yummy!

We'll be working on getting in the winter garden in the next few days. I found some brussel sprout plants (only 5), but we'll get them out. And I bought some swiss chard seeds to set out. I know I want peas, but I haven't decided what else. We are letting the tomatoes produce this fall for as long as they will, but the okra went bye-bye.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do the next right thing.


pic: I took this over the weekend of the fence panels our friend built using cedar from his land.


  1. I love that you can clean yourself out of a funk!

    Best advise you ever gave me!

  2. I love moon flowers. I think they are supposed to be poisonous or something, but the blooms and scent are nice. I had some in my garden and then moved away. Wonder if the new owners have a pile of them!

  3. Glad you were able to reset yourself. Thanks for the broccoli pointer, too. Mmmm.

    Use the passion you have for your garden in helping you with the healthy challenges.

  4. Sometimes we're just easier targets than others. :) Glad you've worked your way out of your funk!

  5. I have some virginia creeper that's giving me the same challenge as your moonflowers.
    That's just a nutty amount of foliage.

    You've reminded me that I've let something go that's always been a help ... I've completely neglected my yard this year. It's where I've always found some solace as well.

    Your dinner sounds delicious.

  6. Zen and sweat seem to be linked somehow - building a house was one of the best things that ever happened to me.


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