Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot 100ish

Looks like I missed the deadline for SouthBeach Steve's end of year bash, but I'm joining in anyway, even if just here.

My goals for the remainder of 2009 are:

1. exercise 5 times a week
2. keep my wedding spending under control
3. drop ten pounds between now and then.

I'll update weekly. I don't like to set weight loss goals, given my obsessive nature, but this is a special deal.

Today's yoga class was wonderful. I think I'll take a yoga nidra(?) class that is being offered Sunday afternoon at my favorite, but far away yoga studio. I, too, think yoga can help one get through most anything.

Tomorrow, Pebbles wedding dress is supposed to come in. I'm to meet her at the bridal shop for the big reveal. I'm very excited. Then Bick is taking us both out to a fancy-pants place for a nosh. I'm planning on another spin class tomorrow.

May we all live in peace.



  1. Ok, I seriously want to take yoga. Bug me about it, call me names...just try to coax (shame) me into getting over the fear of the yoga. It's unrealistic and ridiculous.

    You are goig to breeze thru tomorrow, no prob! Show me how it's done, girl!

  2. I tried downward dog recently in a dance class and got stuck in that position for the remainder of the week.
    I need to go more often.

    What is 'now and then' because I'm working on weight loss between that time period too.

  3. Roxie, you may have missed the date, but I made a decision to extend the deadline until Monday. Head back over to my blog and leave a comment on the post from the 23rd and you'll be entered.


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