Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I Can Do Hard Things

I can do hard things. Dana tells us/me this often. I really am so fearful. It's time to break all of this down to get a better understanding. I'm an avoider. I avoid unpleasantness whenever possible. I am afraid. I am really afraid of me. I am afraid of unleashing some sort of uncontrollable rage machine. I am afraid of being taken advantage of. I am really afraid of being out of control.

Today I did hard/unpleasant/difficult things. I:

1. went to a kick-ass spin class at lunch when I really wanted to just walk on the treadmill and watch HGTV.

2. went to a "get your financial/insurance/medical poa etc. stuff together" seminar today. This is the year I get all my arrangements made. I care too much to leave things in disarray - not that I plan on going anywhere soon.

and for the big finale

3. approached my Mom yet again on the disposition of our property in WA, settling my Dad's estate (he's been dead for 38 years) and making her wishes known.

It may be time for an adult beverage. What thing did you face down today?



  1. boy are we alike in many ways.
    i am an avoider as well.
    the *crazy* thing is is that the act of avoiding is so much more uncomfortable that actually facing what needs to be done.
    Why don't I learn this lesson?
    Today i went to my therapist and finally told him some deep dark secrets that have buried me in guilt.
    turns out twas hardly anything at all.

  2. Love it! You put on your big pants an went to town. Living life head on takes courage, but living life by default truly SUCKS!

    Damn right you can do hard things. I have seen you do them. We'll be right here cheering you on!!

    Love and hugs to you my dear Friend. Call me if you need me!

  3. Wow, 38 years and the estate is still not settled? Now that's a study in avoidance!

    I, too, hate conflict and will run from it whenever possible. Good on ya for facing some hard things today!

  4. Congrats on doing hard things...especially talking to your spite of everything I've been working on in therapy, I still can't be honest with my mom. So be proud of yourself.

    And then treat yourself to a rum and diet coke...

  5. It is easy to avoid things, isn't it? I know I am that way. It sure does feel good to tackle them head on though. Sometimes we just have to start moving. It is that initial inertia that helps us get over the problems.

  6. Conflict avoidance, fear of failure, fear of success - a whole lot of us are cut from the same cloth. Good for you for seeing trait and doing the hard things in spite if it.

    I'll join you a day late in that adult beverage. It's gonna taste good tonight.

  7. Avoiding seems easier, but once you get the ball rolling, the sense of relief is way better than the stress!


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