Friday, September 18, 2009

I hate them meeces to pieces

Reata North sits on ground that was once open grazing/ranchland. Unfortunately, no one told the field mice that the human beans had taken over. So a few/some/three/a bazillion have moved in with us, seemingly overnight. Ugh. The pleasures of country living. Given all the rain we've had for the last week or so, I think they think this is the damned ark.

We beat a path to the home improvement store last night to get better mousetraps and I have to say, as Trapper Bick was preparing them, I was doubled over with laughter. Snap! "Oh shit." Snap! "Damn it." Snap! "Ouch." Snap! "&^@!&***." You just can't buy entertainment like that.

In other news, Pebbles and Slater are in NYC for a long weekend. Lucky ducks. They are up there visiting one of Pebbles' college friends who lives in New Haven. So there will be trips back and forth between CT and the city. I'm green with envy. Should be a fun time for them.

I'm feeling a little more inspired today. A good night's sleep certainly goes a long way in improving one's outlook. Along with lovely emails from friends. Thanks, Dana. Today looks to be a good day. And I am hopeful the rain will hold off long enough to allow us to get in our fall garden! I've got some soil amendments to add, but it may be too wet to till them in. I may have to just sidedress with them and be done with it. Those brussel sprout sets aren't getting any younger!

Lovely guided meditation on youtube.

ETA: Off to a spin class.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Build a better mousetrap.



  1. I've been swayed by the anti-tilling crowd, so I use a Garden Weasel knockoff (I think it's a Garden Hound) to dig in my amendments right where I'm going to plant. It's a hell of an upper-body workout, too, if you've got long rows to do.

  2. Lyn,

    I'm of the "no-till" mindset as well. However, Bick would surely curl up and die if not allowed to use his power tools/toys. I may just be able to convince him - due to the wet nature of things this year - that we'll have to pursue a different path.

  3. I can see you too laughing your heads off! Being silly helps improve a mood big time!

    Sounds like you have creative weekend planned. Glad your feeling better. Sometimes just having a new day helps alot.

    I'm so glad that we are friends. Know that I am thinking of you.

  4. you TWO laughing your heads off...proof read much, Dana

  5. I'm cracking up just picturing you watching Bick set the traps - I love some good physical comedy!

    Oh, and I like mice, but NOT in my house or garage, thank you very much!


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