Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Need to Be Committed

I'm not feeling bad about myself or like a failure or anything like that. I just need to keep my big picture goals in the forefront. They are:

I want to live each day in a thoughtful, mindful manner. I want to be an importer/exporter of joy. I want to overcome fear. I want better relationships, starting with the one I have with myself.

So to get back in the groove/rut/my comfort zone/routine I packed my foods and beverages for the day and hit the gym at lunch. It felt good.

So trip notes: Yesterday I took the train into the NYC in the morning, but I was not able to visit any of the museums due to their restrictions on checking luggage. I understand, but it was still a bit disappointing. I'd read this on their websites, but decided to try it anyway. No luck. I ended up just revisiting some of my favorite spots. I adore Grand Central Station. I think it is an amazing structure. Plus, there is the Grand Central Market. Great, great food. When I was in NYC for the first time about 9 years ago, I remembered being awestruck by the place and I wanted to see how it stood the test of time and my exposure to more high-end foodie things. It held up well. As did the canolli!

And speaking of holding up well, while I was disappointed not to be able to tour the museums, I was pretty happy with the fact that I was able without much effort at all to schlep my 35ish pound carry on up and down all sorts of stairs. On the train, off the train, down the steps into the subway station, up the steps back to street level, and up and over the pedestrian bridge. I was busy congratulating myself on my prowess while truding up the pedestrian bridge near ground zero when I business-suited man asked me if I needed help with my bag. Perhaps I wasn't as Wonder Woman as I thought! I thanked him very kindly for his offer and told him I was doing fine.

I can remember being exhausted by nearly the same trip nine years earlier. Yesterday, I didn't bat at eye. Even with the bag (which was rolling most of the time, other than the myriad of stairs - I didn't want to wait for the elevators, if they even existed). Anyway, it was all good.

Still swamped. More later.


  1. Sound pretty committed to me.

  2. Those are really great goals. Even though I've never written them out, I share in those.

    Awww, I would have been disappointed, too. I haven't been in NYC since ... 1989 I think. Wow!

  3. I was in NYC in 2000 and just loved it. I went to the Diamond District and Soho and Times Square and an off-Broadway show...and WTC. New York was one of the best times I've ever had.

    When 9/11 happened, all I could think of was all those places and people totally devastated by the attack.

    I'd love to go back and visit Ground Zero and pay my respects.

    Have a great "rest of trip."

  4. Ooops, I just realized...you're back (not still traveling). Glad your trip was successful and now you can get back into your groove.

  5. I know some people who really do need to be committed - just not in the way you mean it here!

    Seriously though, we really get to know our selves "again" and yet for the first time!


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