Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Ivy League

I spent from Friday afternoon until Sunday mid-morning in Princeton, New Jersey and I fell in love. It was my first trip outside of the Newark airport and New Jersey truly is "The Garden State". Green. Lush. Gorgeous. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they've received record amounts of rain in the month of August. And it rained off and on over the weekend - enough so that Meg's planned outdoor activities had to be moved indoors.

I walked through around and over Princeton proper and Princeton University. I will say this right now that old money trumps new money every damn time. The grounds at Princeton are incredible. There were archways that drew me into courtyards which led to other passage ways and other buildings. It was magnificent. Some of the buildings were open for touring - the Episcopal church is especially beautiful. I spent hours just wandering around - walking the streets looking at the architecture. So very different from central Texas.

I loved the train ride. It was so easy. Just hope a train from the Newark Airport and it took me almost directly into Princeton! My only mis-step was a moments hesitation at the airport train station when I arrived to see a train on "my" track, but I was not positive that it was mine, so I didn't just hop on. So I missed my first train and had to wait another half-hour or so. It's not the worst thing that could have happened.

The wedding was headquartered at The Nassau Inn in Princeton - an old inn on the National Register of Historic places - a beautiful structure with that old New England look to it. Lots of wood and very, very charming. The perfect blend of old and comfortable. I arrived, dropped my bags and set out to explore the burg. I stumbled upon the best, and I do mean the best resale/consignment shop I've ever seen. I seriously considered buying another bag to load up. The women of Princeton like good stuff and discard it regularly, it appears. I did end up buying a few things - a cuff bracelet, a beautiful scarf and the most perfect white shirt.

Friday evening was an informal gathering of wedding guests at Mountain Lake House. Beautiful venue with a gorgeous back yard area leading down to the lake. Unfortunately, rain kept us from enjoying the outdoor activities that Meg had planned. Still, a good time and good food was had by all.

And in the "it's a small world" category - it was during this dinner that I met a wonderful woman from Georgia, who as a college student in the late 60's had come to Texas to work the summer at a dooooode ranch in the Hill country - the same place that Bick and his family visited each and every year during the same time frame!

It's off for a little yoga and meditation this morning. It's wonderful to be able to travel to see friends and new things and it's also great to be able to enjoy being home. Tonight, Bick, Sandy and I are off to see the Julie and Julia movie. I'm looking forward to it!

More trip stuff later.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Marvel at the details life offers.



  1. Glad you are back - I love Texas, but it's refreshing to travel and see cool people and places....
    Marvel at the details, for sure!

  2. Sounds so wonderful... I've not ever been to NJ (just driven through) but I know my times in the east has left me breathless on each and every occasion. Glad you got to have that wonderful experience.

    Ohhh, don't go to the movie HUNGRY... when I left there I was STARVING. I loved this movie and am now obsessed with learning more about Julia Child. Knew of her all these years, but I had NO idea that she was so FABULOUS!


  3. I would love to be able to travel like you do. I want to see places, but I get all travel weird. SCARED. yep, that's it.

    You are one brave chica!

    I might go to the same movie myself tonight. Good idea.

  4. I have many friends and family in Jersey. Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. It sounds dreamy. You have a wonderful way of telling about your adventures.

    Enjoy the movie. Love Meryl in anything.

  6. I am marveling at the details life offers.
    That is such a beautiful sentiment.
    Glad you're having fun in the GREEN state.

  7. Your trip sounds wonderful and such a change from Texas! Nice that you got to have such an adventure on your own!


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