Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Just Plain Strange

Enough of that stuff. Refocusing on the fun and the weird.

Our Friday night with our friends was wonderful. The food was fabulous. The champagne in chocolate cups was wonderful. Chocolate disks in our champagne flutes were spectacular. The hostess gift was a big hit. We ate very, very well.

The next morning they took us into town to have breakfast at their favorite diner. I do love a good diner and then we went to the local flea market to see and be seen. That's where we saw it, sitting on a table, under a lamp. Hell, it may have been part of the lamp. We were all so gobsmacked that no one
- A. thought to plug it in to see what it did when electrified and B. thought to look at how much they were asking for it. I did, however, think to snap a picture.


  1. funny....glad you thought to get a pic. I always forget.

  2. Oh my gosh, what is that thing?! I bet he shakes like he's being....electrecuted. I wonder if they sold it. I wonder who would buy it. Very creepy!

  3. Ol Sparky..? Gobsmacked doesn't even suffice over here in the west. Oh my word!


We'll try this for a while.