Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As some of you know, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in November of 1997. While my diagnosis required a surgical solution and I did not have to undergo chemo or radiation therapy, I still consider myself a cancer survivor. It is my honor to present POD's post and I'll have more to say about my personal experience on October 2.

POD says:

I *so* like the idea of making yellow (eggs, lemons, lemon bars, lemon brownies, lemon pie, lemon chocolate chip cookies, lemon fudge, lemon chocolate pie) food to commemorate LIVESTRONG Day 2009 though I am not a food blogger -- still nothing can keep me away from looking and reading their blogs. LIVESTRONG Day 2009 this year is October 2nd to coincide with the date Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. And not to be left out, I was diagnosed two years ago this date. Since Lance's recovery from cancer he has gone on to win the Tour De France 7 times. This year after a four year break from The Tour he came back and managed to come home in third place. (What the hell have I been doing?) The foodies have been blogging the LIVESTRONG Day for a few years. I'd like to see as many of us cancer/fitness/health/whatever bloggers as possible work to unify our blogwork to support LIVESTRONG Day 2009 as well. Because we aren't foodies or winos (in our blogs), one way to unite would be to write a short post on how cancer has effected your (our) life because I have a feeling it has affected most of our lives in one way or another. Then post that short post with the LIVESTRONG icon. This is one way of supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation by raising awareness of cancer issues world wide. It is a way for bloggers to share their stories, the happy and the sad, struggles and the triumphs. If you are lucky and have not be touched by cancer you are still welcome to participate. Then you can stop by my blog and leave a short comment with a link to your post. I'll put all the comments in a hat and pick 14 names of folks who will *win* a small LAF token of appreciation for helping us come together to commemorate the day. Sound like an simple deal? It is as long as you don't have a cancer diagnosis! This online event is an official LIVESTRONG Day event sanctioned by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Other links:,

POD post ends.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get involved.



  1. Wow.

    Glad you won your battle with cancer. Surviving that mind f@@k puts you on a whole different level in my book.

  2. Roxie, thanks so much for posting. I look forward to reading your post on Friday too. This is exciting trying to bring us all into this effort together. I've seen a few posts so far and I knew cancer was out there in more places than was evident.
    Pls don't forget to link your post on friday to my blog so your name can go in the give-away chemo hat!

  3. I hadn't heard of thi seven before. . . so thanks for spreading the word.

    My cousin was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year and the chemo lead to a massive stroke. Before they realized the connection to the chemo, he had a 2nd stroke in the same area of the brain. . . he can no longer speak and lost his job as a radio dj & regional manager. It's very sad, but he is still so animated and expressive . . . we adore him.

    Yellow food, huh? I'll have to think on that.

  4. Hi Roxie your post came up on my Google alerts. Well done on being a survivor. I'm so pleased for you. Don't forget to check out winos and foodies for the round up of yellow food tomorrow on LiveSTRONG Day.

  5. My mom had uterine cancer while pregnant with my little brother. It's scary, but I am proud of her for being a survivor and carrying my little brother to term, and for all the survivors out there.

  6. I'll write a post on this tomorrow. Knowing what my mom did changed my perspective on life.


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