Saturday, September 26, 2009

Planning for Success

As requested, here's the menu for the upcoming week:

Saturday - fresh fish something and unusual vegetable something. This will be whatever appeals to me today as I move through my hunting/gathering excursions.

Sunday - Grilled pork chops with a green vegetable of sorts.

Monday - Feta and sun-dried tomato stuffed chicken breast with Indian okra

Tuesday - Middle Eastern Lamb with cucumber salad

Wednesday - Italian Chicken and Chickpeas

Thursday - Roasted peppers, vegetables leftovers and whatever stuffed in a pita for Bick, over baby spinach for me

Friday - every man for hissownself - I've got a meeting in town.

More notes on food-

I am fortunate in that I can tolerate and sometimes actually prefer "the same old thing" for breakfast. Through the week, my breakfast consists of 2 hard boiled eggs that I take to work and eat at my desk. My lunch is pretty much always leftovers from the night before. We purposefully cook proportions that allow for both of us to bring leftovers to work. I also pack an afternoon snack of 2 hard boiled eggs that I eat around 3:30 or 4pm. This extra protein boost lets me last until dinner time, without (pretty much) devouring the fridge when I walk in the door after work. I call that time the witching hour and it's the most difficult time of the day for me, eating wise. I probably am eating too many eggs, but they just work so well for transport and I do much, much better on a diet with a higher protein content, lower carb count.

One more cuppa coffee, then I'm off to the gym today. I'm getting a late start today, as I did not sleep well last night. I do believe with every ounce of my being that Bick was fighting invading space aliens in his sleep last night. I think he kicked a hole in the mothership. Rat Bastard.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Make decisions when it's easy.



  1. I've also found I'm doing better by eating more protein during the day. Another easy thing to pack, that's low carb and low cal, is string cheese.

    Another added benefit of more protein is that I actually have fingernails now! My fingernails would always break off or split, but lately they've been growing to the point that I need to file them before they get too long.

    Anyway, your planned meals sound delish!

  2. I know it was more work, but thanks for putting the recipe links :) The chicken with chickpeas looks like my kind of meal. Actually, your menu has all the foods I like!

    More protein and less carbs works best for me, too. I usually have some greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast. The afternoon is where I draw a blank and get nervous about the "witching hour." I'm going to take me some boiled eggs to work. Great tip.

    Maybe later, take a cat-nap, since Bick battled aliens all night.

  3. Can you give me your recipe for "Unusual Vegetable Something"? It sounds scrumptious!

  4. You had me rolling picturing that Rat Bastard kickingthe crap out of you. I can laugh, cause it wasn't me getting beat up!

    Your menus inspire live closer to you. lol. I have never even tried half the stuff on the menu.

    I hate that witching our as wel.. I try to eat dinner early, say five or so. Case I go to ed early. That time between home and dinner can really mess with me.

    Found a yoga place. And a friend that will come and support/laugh at me. I am closer to actually doing it.

    Always fear of the unknown....that is my usual hang up. Damn it!

  5. personally i think it's a myth about *too many eggs* after having read up on where all that nonsense got started.
    I LOVE eggs and eat them daily in copious amounts.
    I shall live to be 98 at least, full of eggy wonderfullness.

    as per js ... may i have the recipe for fresh fish something?

    enjoy the weekend, Darling!

  6. I love greek yogurt. can't stand the runny stuff. But I alternate now between eggs and yogurt with peaches and honey. Verrrry tasty. This is the only yogurt I have been able to eat. I also Love roasted peppers and zucchini and squash. It's a staple for me now. Your line up sounds awesome.

  7. Here's a fish recipe we like. The chef (Elie Krieger) calls for sea bass, but says any white fish will do. We've used tilapia with success.


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