Thursday, September 10, 2009


It's time to hit the reset button. My focus wandered too far. I've been conjuring up stuff and imagining this scenario and that scenario and awfulizing all of them.

I came to realize this while in yoga practice today. I need to keep my focus pretty tight and let whatever else happens around me, happen. As Karen said in a recent post, nothing good really happens if I force it - or somesuch sage advice. I need to remember that.

I've resigned (at least for a while) my self-appointed job as wedding/engagement party/reception(s) coordinator. Pebbles said she doesn't want an engagement party and while they want a reception, they'll worry about that in the spring. Since his family and the majority of my family are tee-totallers, it looks like the reception will be in two phases - the family friendly variety to be followed later by a cocktail reception. And I just have to let all of this go. I'll help when asked and I'll write checks as I feel appropriate for me.

Now I just have to be able to fit into the mother-of-the-bride swimsuit!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Narrow your focus.

braving the scale TOMORROW!


  1. Sounds like a good plan - and it seems that Pebbles knows exactly what she wants, which is her confidence!

  2. Yeah, yoga is good for realizations like that. I lurves yoga. I always feel so much calmer and balanced afterward. I let so much go these days that I once would have fretted over. It's nice to lose that. :)

  3. Oh Friend!

    Weddings can be a bitch. My kids paid for it themelves. I really couldn't tell them what to do. Of course that didn't stop me, but it made it alot harder. Without looking like an ass. lol.

    You're right about trying to force things. Now when I find myself doing that I feel uncomfortable. Sometime I will stop, other times....not so good.

    You can totally do this.

  4. I *almost* mentioned you fortune-telling habit on the previous post, but bit my fingers. I'm so glad you caught it! As Anne Lamott says, "Just be where your butt is." :)

  5. Rebooting fixes 97% of my computer problems; sounds like a good plan to "fix" yourself.

  6. I like your plan. They'll have more fun doing it as they like, you'll have more fun just going with the flow.

    Mother of the bride gets to wear a swimsuit? These Texas weddings could be interesting shindigs!

  7. "Just be where your butt is" - may just be my favorite saying ever. Love it. Words to live by, for sure.

    And Brian, the wedding won't be in Texas, it'll be a beach wedding in Puerto Rico this December. I won't really be wearing a swimsuit to the actual I dos, but there will be swimwear involved on the vacay, so it's time to kick it in gear.

    Shelley, you've got Pebbles pegged - she does, in fact, know what she wants!


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