Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Running, Jumping, Climbing Trees

In heels as well..... My love knows no bounds....


  1. AND he ate a car!
    While it didn't make me want to go run a marathon, it did make me want to go for a nice long walk.

    Thanks for sharing this link.
    Incredible story.
    Incredible that anyone would balk at his time and want to discount his achievement ... people, schmeeple.

  2. My god. That is amazing - thanks for posting this...I had no idea he was doing this!

  3. wow, and I was worried about damaging my knees by running at 220 lbs. Dude is amazing. I am seriously impressed, and that takes some doing. Good on him. Oh, yeah...and Kanye is a douche. Just a little something all us Americans can agree on...lol.

  4. When he started this, I thought no way was he going to manage. I am impressed with how well he is doing.

    I really must stop complaining about my hurty joints now...

  5. Eddie Izzard's feat is fantastic! Almost makes me want to bike across the country. If only there were enough vacation days.

    I'm with Obama. Kanye's a jackass. Probably a drunken one at that.

    (My verify word was perlesod. Am I to start knitting with grass?)

  6. Some folks might not be impressed ("sponsored walk", indeed!), but his story blows me out of the water. I definitely will have EI in mind the next time I try running!

  7. Unbelievable! That guy is amazing. I can't even imagine doing that.

    LOL @ Brian - knitting with grass...


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