Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"There's no need to fear, UnderBick is here"

Bick took the day off work yesterday and we headed out to Reata South first rattle out of the box. I'd talked with my insurance company and they said just to board everything up until the adjuster could come out and survey the damage. I made sure I had extra batteries for the camera and off we went.

I know the storm must have been frightening. The local news reports were reporting sustained winds at 70 mph with 90 mph gusts. Bick had just turned on the tv in the den that night and I was in the kitchen when the programming was interrupted with breaking weather news. He yelled to me that my house (and my Mom and Sister) were in a helluva mess. I was walking to my phone to call them when it rang and it was Mom. They were understandably shook up, nearing hysteria, so everything was a little overblown, but without electricity, etc. how the hell would one really know what kind of damage was done?

So, long story short, it was merely three broken windows and some broken limbs off of trees. The hardest part of the whole thing was securing some glass to fit the windows. Which surprised me, but our local home improvement stores don't stock glass and the only glass company that I knew of closed up shop a year ago. Unfortunately, they hadn't removed their web presence nor their phone from the directory. We were driving up and down the street where the shop was supposed to be when Bick spotted a couple of guys replacing some glass at a Whataburger. So we wheeled in and they directed us to their commercial glass shop that was much closer than the one clear across town. Unfortunately, we got there at lunch time, so we had to wait around for an hour and a half. But we got it all taken care of. I did learn something - that it is possible to sand glass. One pane was just a skosh off and gave Bick fits. Finally, he asked me if I had a sander and Roxie and her power tools came to the rescue.

Bick fired up the chain saw and cleaned up the fallen branches. Damned silver maple - it's got to go. In my frantic efforts to "do something", I joined Angie's List in the middle of the night, so at least now, I've got a handle on tree services, etc. That's usually the big part of my panic in situations like this - not knowing who to call. I always try to learn something in these types of situations so that I am not as fearful and panic-y the next time.

So today I need to call and unfile my insurance claim, as everything is dried up and dried in. Crisis averted. I can finally get my shoulders out of my ears!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Know who to call.



  1. Awesome repair work - nice that you got it all fixed in one day! And yeah, having your windows break during a storm like that would be freakin' scary!!! Glad everyone was ok.

  2. Glad you guys are safe and the damage isn't as bad as it could have been.

    I had to laugh about getting your shoulder out of your ear. I do the same thing when I'm stressed, hunch up my shoulders like crazy. Don't even realize I'm doing it until it starts to hurt. Then it's like, oh yeah, lower the shoulders. :)

  3. Great job handling things. It's so easy to jump into emergency mode and get all panicky before you really know what's going on. YOu done good keeping your wits about you.

    And yes, silver maples grow fast, provide tons of shade in a hurry and shed branches at the first sign of a breeze over 30mph. A byproduct of that fast growth is weak wood. Even sucks for firewood as it burns fast and doesn't pump out much heat (by northern standards)

  4. I wear shoulder earrings, too, when I get all worked up about stuff.

    Glad everyone is okay. Not knowing who to call is my fear as well as, who to trust. At least you have UnderBick to help!

  5. How does he look in his super hero tights? Glad it was less of a hassel then you thought. Love it when it works out that way.

    I would like a handyman too. Not enough to marry one

    Uptight much...I do the same stinkin thing with my shoulders too!


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