Friday, September 4, 2009

This Weekend And Last

Last Saturday morning, Meg gave me directions to the tow path at this park. It was an amazing walk/run. I was out for almost two hours! Gorgeous location. I came back into town, got cleaned up and went out for yummy Indian food to a Princeton restaurant that Meg had recommended for lunch.

I don't get enough Indian food in my life. Bick says he "hates" it and won't go to an Indian restaurant. Funny thing is, I make quite a few Indian-inspired dishes and he likes those just fine. I think he's just operating off a set of old beliefs that no longer really hold true. His palate has changed and expanded in our years together; so I'll continue to spice up his life and maybe one day the old fart will relent. As it stands, I do enjoy the cuisine whenever possible. I'm certainly not proficient at ordering from the menu, so the buffets work just fine for me - mostly because I do want a bit of everything. I did find at this particular restaurant, however, that I was the only person enjoying the buffet and I was the only non-Indian appearing person in the restaurant. They must know something I don't - but no matter, the food was yummy.

Speaking of food, because, really aren't I almost always? I'm stupidly excited about the hostess gift I put together for the Poolville Pagans. We are heading out there tonight to spend part of the holiday weekend with them. In trying to keep our food local, I've put together a basket of figs, local honey, local artisan cheese and locally grown pecans. I hope they like it. We are taking the almond sparkling wine (champagne) that Jilly gave me when I was in CA in the spring. I'd planned to take her up on her suggestion and serve it in chocolate cups, but I've been to three stores and can't find them. Bick was so enamoured of the idea that he's making one last-ditch effort at obtaining them today. Otherwise, I may just drop some dark chocolate pastilles into the flutes and be done with it!

I've got to come up with an easy-breezy appetizer for tonight and I'm coming up empty. I guess I could substitute the hostess gift, but that would be rather um, cheesy. I'll think of something. I just hope the weather holds out. It's raining here today and we usually spend most of our time out doors when visiting.

I'm undecided as to my exercise for the day. I'll make my decision when I hit the gym.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Eat local.


pic: House in Princeton with some amazing corn plants!


  1. I love that hostess basket - what a great idea!

    And I love Indian food - I'd go with you in a heartbeat somewhere to eat some LOL!

  2. I THOUGHT they were corn plants, lol!

    I always think it is a sign of an excellent Indian restaurant if it is frequented by Indians themselves.

    That gift basket sounds lovely as does that champagne - yum!

    Shop local - yep, just found a great local farm shop nearby and am mentally sticking my fingers up to the large corporate supermarkets in my area!

  3. I never eat Indian. Like you I wouldn't know what to order. The buffet sounds like a good idea. I might just get brave over the weekend and try some. Always wanted to.

    The basket sounds so nice. What is artisan cheese?

    Love my Famer's Market here as well.

    Have a great weekend. Hope the weather holds out.

  4. I love Indian food too!
    A nice appetiser I sometimes do (that sounds very like your hostess gift I admit) involves taking a fig (dried), adding a dollop of goat's cheese on top, then wrapping it in parma ham. As long as there are no vegetarians its a lovely combination - salty, sweet, and creamy in every bite!
    Whatever you decide to go with, I hope you have a great time. I like the sound of the sparkling almond wine, you can't get there here in Wales!

  5. Mmm, Almond Champagne. I hope you like it!! It's my favorite. Next time you come to visit, we'll definitely GO to that local winery and you can try the "Almond Joy" in the choco cup! That would be a fun trip!! (hint hint)
    Enjoy your weekend, and the basket sounds yummy!

  6. Love, love Indian food and people but will promise to eat local.

  7. Nope ... don't enjoy Indian food too much but am always willing to try again and again just in case I change my mind ;)
    I love your hostess basket too!
    I'm trying to buy local from now on too.
    Have a great time this weekend!

  8. I love Indian food. We have several really good Indian restaurants in our area, and the buffets are delicious and very reasonable.

    We have friends who just think they don't like Indian food because they don't like curry. So they think they are not going to like Indian food. But if we can get them to go to the buffet, they usually end up liking it too.

  9. Great picture. Chocolate and champagne sounds lovely. You are so thoughtful :)

  10. I'm late ... I'm afraid to provide timely input.

    Hope you had a great time!


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