Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to Allergy Central

I've started using the Pot, the neti pot, that is. It certainly does help and I haven't managed to drown myself, yet. Stupid allergies! I guess we are in high allergy season here in Texas, as the office sounds like a symphony of sneezers. I'm using the neti and a bit of meds to try to stay functional. If I take enough meds to knock down the allergies, then I am too "stoned" to drive and function. It's a fine balance.

Loved, loved, loved Julie and Julia. Streep was spot-on. I'd read Julie's blog during the time she was writing it, so I had a bit of background and I'd read Child's My Life in France, which was wonderful. Even Bick enjoyed it, as did Sandy. Sandy and I decided that our next task is to learn how to make souffles! After our sushi lessons, of course.

As for our sushi lessons, Bick arranged with Slater and Pebbles to come over and give Sandy and I sushi lessons as part of my birthday dinner! Won't that be fun? I'm so excited. Slater is supposed to provide Bick with a shopping list as part of my gift, we'll get to go shopping for all the stuff! Bick recently bought Sandy a sushi-making kit, so she'll come join us as well. And then after sushi, it'll be on to souffles!

And speaking of food, Meg's wedding reception dinner was beautifully prepared and presented - my favorite course may have been the palate cleanser - a blackberry cabernet sorbet that was out of this word! Yummy. Damn, all this food talk this morning is making me hungry! I lied. My favorite course was the cake. I'm pretty darn picky about cake, but her cake was absolutely delish!

Workouts have been regular, but I've been taking it easy. With the allergies, I just haven't felt up to snuff. But I am going to try to get in all my exercise for September, which means daily exercise of at least 40 minutes six days a week. That's my version of Lori's September challenge.

September does feel like a great month to restart, recommit or refocus. It's like a mini-beginning near the end of the year. Did you have some yearly goals that have fell by the wayside? Now's the time to dust them off for the month of September.

And speaking of September, which will forever be linked with the tragedy of the WTC bombing, I did make it down to ground zero to see the progress. There's not really much to see other than construction has made it up past the ground level. Lots of activity and lots of rebar - and lots of people there paying their respects. It's still a moving sight. There is a preview memorial museum near the site, but of course, I had luggage-that-must-not-be-checked, so I was only able to do a roll by on that one, as well. I also hit Times Square and Battery Park on my great subway tour of 2009.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Manage, naturally.



  1. Roxie - I had allergies in the Army. They gave me a mast cell inhibitor (nasal*crom) which isn't an anti- histamine so it won't make ya drowsy.
    Worked great. With or without the *pot!*

  2. Are you a Virgo too? My Bday is the 8th. Crazy!

    The pot has always worked for me too. My allergies really aren't that bad.

    Here's to learning new things!

  3. I would probably drown myself using that pot. Something about water going up my nose, lol. Even when I swim, I can't take it if water gets in. What a baby, huh?

    You are having so much fun these days. It's great to see!

  4. My husband had allergies and this time of year is always particularly bad.

    I am afraid of the neti pot! I think I would choke LOL!

  5. Thanks for the reminder about the neti pot - I used on a couple of years ago and it really helped. I have been living on Sudafed, Clairtin and aspirin for killer sinus headaches...gotta love yet another allergy season in Texas!

    Oh, and the sorbet? Sounds so good!!!

  6. I can relate. When the juniper blooms in the spring, I live on Zyrtec.

    The sushi lessons sound like a blast! Happy Birthday!

  7. Check out our website for instructions on how to use a neti pot and medical studies on the benefits. It is not as difficult as it looks!


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