Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bits and Pieces

More notes on food -
When I was posting my menus for the week, I talked about how I try to fix four portions. Two for dinner for Bick and me and then two that we take to lunch the next day. The other part of the food management story is that we don't eat family style. We fix our plates in the kitchen and some days, I'll even pack up the lunches before sitting down to dinner. In this way, my meal stays pretty well portioned. No going back for seconds, etc because there are none. I didn't really set out to do this, it just sort of happened, but it certainly makes things easier and I'm all for the Easy Button.

More wedding stuff -

I had to smile (inwardly) at Pebbles in the dressing room while trying on her wedding gown. It's a pretty unforgiving design. As backstory, I had spent some time over the weekend going through pictures, etc and I came across her high school graduation pictures. She was a wee slip of a thing - probably a size 2 at 5'7". She gained weight in college and since, and while she still looks fabulous, she's carrying more weight than she did in high school. That's a fact, certainly not a judgment. So we are in the dressing room and she looks at herself in this dress that she has tried on without benefit the suggested spanxy stuff and she says "I could stand to lose maybe 3 pounds but I'm not losing 5". Way to go kiddo - there has never been any lamentations about being bigger than she was in HS. No "I've got to get in better shape for my wedding". She's a pretty curvy girl and she is just fine with that. I don't know how she managed to fight off the genetic bad body image bug, but she has.

Blogging stuff -
I'm way behind with commenting and outreach. I've been reading, but just haven't had the time to comment much. I'll try to keep up better this week.

Yoga today! YAY!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Love the skin you are in.



  1. I love your daughter! However you've done it, raising her with a good body image, you've done an amazing job.

    When I think about it, if I wasn't worried about how I look all the time, I could have done a lot more with my life. It's like a curse, one I'm trying to get rid of, but hangs on like glue.

  2. I don't feel like commenting much at times either. I want to be thoughtful. Sometimes I just don't have a

    Diane makes an interesting comment above. Oh the things I could have done! Regrets, yes I have a few.

    Funny about your girl. Oh the emotional moments of the wedding. You're in for a ride.

    Loved the idea about "linner" Seriously, I need to learn to cook!

    hope you are having a great day!

  3. Some days I have time for commenting and some days it simply gets away from me. Don't worry about it...

  4. You have a great blog that is very inspiring to others.

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  6. Ditto on what the others said - there are some days that get away from me and I get behind on commenting - what can I say, life happens.

    Nice that Pebbles has such a great body image - you are a big part of that, so good job, Roxie!

  7. I'm still fighting the bad body image demon, so your daughter's comment is refreshing to read.

    I don't have as much time for blogging either, which makes me sad. I know others understand, though, as so many are in the same position!

  8. Your daughter is up on most of us with that fantastic body image attitude.

    Oooo! Yoga! I love what it does for me.

  9. Hey :) Thanks for stopping by Karmalizedlife! I like the name of your blog ... and enjoyed this post.

    I did the same thing with my dinner tonight ... pre-portion packed, then ate!

    I'm off to spend the weekend loving the skin I'm in. Sometimes that's hard to do living in LA! ~ Thanks for the reminder ~ Lindsay~ The Karmalized Girl


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