Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot 100 Update: Can You Say Tepid?


1. Exercise five days a week. Ice Cold, Baby.

2. Wedding spending in check. Smoking Hot.

3. 155/153.5/145. Ice, Ice, Baby.

I'm looking forward to tonight. It's girls night out and we are going to see Men-0-pause: The Myousical tonight. I've seen it before a few years ago, but it should be a fun night out with some old broads I know and love. Don't have big plans for the weekend, other than maybe a movie and a trip to the second hand book store to buy some PR travel guides. Plus Bick wants some reading material for his pending trip to Houston. I'll not be making this trip, as he is going down to stay with his ailing mother as soon as she is released from the hospital. We thought that was going to be yesterday, but further complications have made her release day up in the air.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Light a fire under your butt!



  1. You Old Broads have a great time. Sounds like something I would enjoy.

    It's nice Bick is able (and willing) to go help his mother. Not a lot of grown son's will do that.

    Have a nice relaxing weekend.

  2. Have fun, nothing better than hanging out with old friends.

  3. I've got my matches ready, lol. I need to get that dang fire started!

    Sorry to hear about Bick's mother. Hope she gets better soon.

    Have a great time out with the girls. Wish I was going with!

  4. Hey Roxie!

    Hope your weekend is full of whatever you want it to be ... and not caca. :D

    healing thoughts for Bick's Mama.

  5. Hope your evening out with the girls was as fun and enjoyable as it sounds! :-)

  6. LOL! I just had the funniest word verification ever: "Yoflabb" Oh yeah...definitely meant for me. ;-)

  7. I love the lighting fire under my butt. I came over today just to read that sentence!

    Thanks! Hope life is treating you well.

  8. Excuse me but are you ok, Roxie?
    It's not like you to not post.

    I hope you're just busy and not downtrodden.

    Love and Hugs,

  9. I was wondering the same thing as Karen (Fitcetera)...hope you're doing well, let us know what's going on!


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