Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot 100 Update: Grade B -


1. Exercise 5 days a week. Grade A, as long as I hit the gym tomorrow, which I plan to do.

2. Keep Wedding Spending in check. Grade B, I've added a little project that I'm working on with Jill as my Creative Director. The project is probably unnecessary, but it will be fun as long as it keep it small. I need to avoid scope-creep.

3. 155/153/145. Grade C. Down a skosh from last week. Have yet to "regain my loss" from a couple of weeks ago.

Other updates:
Still feeling solemn. Not so much sad - more serious than sad.
Lovely tromp through the rain the other day in my rubber boots.
Nice yoga class yesterday.
My relationship with my sister appears unharmed by recent events.
Having time alone, while not under the best circumstances, was nice and allowed nurturing.
Bick's Mom is doing well. Bick is home for now. See the next item. He may have to return to take another round if his sisters' need him to pitch in.
Sandy has crashed and burned. Not in school. Telling untruths.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. There's always room for improvement.



  1. Glad you enjoyed slogging through the rain and your yoga class. I find yoga often to be a breath of sanity.

  2. Even though it "so called" never rains in So. Cal. I am thinking I defnitely need some rubber boots too. Hmmm...

    I often feel guilty for how much I enjoy my "alone time."

    Sandy = a big bummer!

    Hang in there...

  3. You really sound better today. Glad that your sister relationship is still intact. That has got to make you feel good.

    Sorry about Sandy. I know you were really hoping for good things. That has to be disappointing.

    Glad Bick's mom is doing better. Glad too, that you had some alone time to regroup.

    Know that you are in my thoughts, and I wish I could do something to make you feel better. There I go thinking I could say something to make you feel all better. The illusion of power, gotta love it!

    Hugs and love


  4. Hey, good work on the exercise. A very centering, grounding force, if you don't mind me using some New Age-isms. Knock 'em dead next week.


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