Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot 100 Update: Grade B+

1. Exercise 5 days a week. Grade B. I'm doing okay here, missed one, got in an extra. I could stand to up the intensity.

2. Keep wedding spending in check. Grade A. I'm talking myself off a ledge I'd talked myself onto last week. Too many grand ideas that take up too much time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. Pebbles and Slater would enjoy the couple of extra bucks to spend on their honeymoon, so I'm throttling back here.

3. 155/145/150.5. Grade A. Been eating really clean and finally getting some reward for it.

What I loved about yesterday: I wore my skinny-styled black jeans to work yesterday (the high school reunion jeans that went unworn). I felt really good in them. I also loved that I was very mindful of my eating yesterday. I ate very slowly and savored every bite. We were enjoying a calorically-dense meal and I wanted to sustain my losing ways, so I knew I would need to watch my portion size carefully. By doing so, I was able to enjoy and be satisfied with a smaller portion rather than my usual - wolfing it down like a starving, well, wolf.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Don't be hungry like the wolf.



  1. WOW the weight keeps going down! Good for you.

    Congrats on a solid B+. I love the what I love about yesterday addition. A FAVE.


  2. I'm really enjoying your *What I loved about yesterday* posts, Roxie.
    and always your sign-offs.

    I'm a wolfer. I've been conditioned from work where we have a 22 minute lunch.

    You're doing so well in all areas of your life.
    You see that, right?

  3. B+ is excellent! Congrats on the 150 - glad you are getting rewarded for your clean eating!

  4. ah, duran duran....I am in a queen mood myself. Great on the workouts and spending. I have been tighter than anything with money lately. Getting a penny from me is like getting blood from a turnip. lol


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