Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot 100 Update

I was reminded of this story after reading Shelley's post about her husband and dinner prep. Bick did the grocery shopping on Monday night. On my list was written winter squash. He came home from work/grocery store and announced that the grocery store didn't have any winter squash - all they had was butternut, acorn and hubbard. Cracked me right up.

I came home from work early today after leading a meeting for a regional group of which I am the prez. I'm been awake since 3am and I am worn out. Lucky for me, I prepped tonight's dinner last night (Pebbles and Slater are dropping by (the dog) and having dinner before heading up to Tulsa). Double lucky for me (especially after reading Shelley's post) that Bick didn't decide it would make a nice treat for him!

Hot 100 Update
1. Didn't meet my exercise goals this week. Can still add two more sessions by Sunday. Will try for that.
2. Wedding spending in check. Did well here. Bought a pashmina in her wedding color to go with my dress at Nordstrom Rack. $10.00. I've spent a total of $35.00 on my outfit and I think I'm done with it.
3. 155/151.5/145 Weight progressing - although I had no options at lunch and it was more carby than I would like. It's been my experience that I'll bounce up hard, even though I didn't technically overeat today. My body is just that touchy.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Keep chasing those goals until you catch them.



  1. He tried. :) I'm not sure my husband would interpret that correctly either.

    Sounds like you have it all under control. Yippee.

  2. Funny, alright.
    You are a little gem.

  3. I am laughing out loud at your post, Roxie - thanks for the shout out, and too funny on the winter squash!

  4. That Bick is a hoot! And you are some shopper. What color is the pash?

    When you get down here, we're most definately going to Fadi's! They have great bread so we'll both have to low carb it for a few days!

  5. I've been known to go to bed at 3 am, but getting up...not so much. Here's a hubby story. My husband thought for the longest time that I put zucchini in our salad when it was cucumbers. ??? I said why would I put raw zucchini in our salad. He said "I don't know, thought it was a chick thing" men.
    Have a great night.

  6. Awed with your smart shopping for the wedding. Have a great weekend.


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