Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Approaching Normal

I feel like I am returning to normal. I am hosting a birthday luncheon for my Mom on Friday. It's just me, Pebbles, my sister and my Mom. It is my sincere wish to have a relationship that doesn't include financial enmeshment. We'll see how it goes. I'm donning Teflon and will hope for the best.

What I loved about yesterday was a lovely dinner with Sandy. She surprised us by wanting to come over and we had a nice meal. She has a doctor's appointment today to discuss her possible depression. And this evening, she and I are taking a yoga class together. Bonus workout! I remain optimistic.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Act as if.


pic is of a bouquet that Pebbles likes. I'm seeing a bit of a disconnect here. She says she wants us just to find a market (not a florist) and buy whatever is available and that I shall tie her a very casual bouquet. What she keeps sending me are bouquets made from exotic flowers. Now I've never been to PR, and maybe these flowers are available on every corner, but I think I need to work on managing her expectations. Or else have her order her flowers from a florist there.


  1. returning to normal ... I hope you have a safe arrival :)

  2. Good luck with lunch. Teflon might be a good idea. If they've all agreed to come it should be alright, right?? lol

    I have a rough time managing my own expectations. That kind of made me laugh.

    Glad you are feeling and that things are looking brighter for Sandy. She is lucky to have people that care about her.

    enjoy yoga!

  3. Beautiful bouquet. Hope your lunch goes well.

    Yoga does wonders for helping me find 'normal'.

  4. Catching up on my blog reading, and I have to say what a time you've been having, my friend...I'm sorry for all the sadness in your life - and I'm impressed at the way you are dealing with (and feeling your way through) everything. It seems like things are looking up, though...and for that, I'm glad for you.

  5. Interesting flowers. Nothing familiar looking. Maybe they ARE from PR?

    When you get to normal, would you send a picture so we all know what it looks like? Thanks eversomuch!


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