Thursday, October 8, 2009

Menu Updates

So much for menu planning - I don't know that we've hit any of the marks other than sushi on Saturday night. Italian Chicken and Chickpeas became Roxie's version of Minestrone in order to feed the hordes. The Green pepper pork chops were served sans green peppers. Bick just threw them on the grill. Tuesday night, I ended up attempting to have an impromptu dinner with Pebbles, so Bick used some of my ingredients to make spaghetti sauce. That man misses his Ragu and pasta. So there was no cavapcici, but now I'm left with the ground pork. Last night Bick went to dinner with Sandy, so dinner was just a smorgasboard of leftovers from the fridge - The Maytag Melange - Tappan Tapas - Admiral's Poo-poo Platter. Tonight is supposed to be Roasted Veg on Cheese toasts, but Bick used the toasty bits for garlic bread on Tuesday. So I'm thinking of some sort of green chili stew stuff with the ground pork that didn't get used, as Tuesday's menu went right out the window.

Dinner for Friday is back on the menu, as Pebbles and Slater will be doing a drive-and-drop after work to leave us The Beast while they visit Slater's family in Tulsa for the weekend. I'm trying to figure out something quick and easy to serve them and get them on their way. I need to plan for their return on Sunday and feed them as well.

Today is restorative yoga, which is my favorite hour of the week. YAY!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Roll with the punches.



  1. I hope you find many favorite hours in your week.
    Restorative and fav!

  2. Hey Miss Roxie - I am going to do a review of my bodybugg tomorrow. I have had a number of readers ask about it. I do love it though! It has been motivating for me.

  3. Ahhh, the best laid that you are rolling with it, though.

  4. Restorative Yoga is the best!

    I always have these grand plans with menu planning the devolve into frozen meals, single serving sugar-free apple sauce, and pre-bagged salad. I really need to get into the routine of using the crock pot more.


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