Saturday, October 24, 2009

Planning for Success

The menu for the week looks like this:

Saturday: Pan-fried trout with roasted winter squash and spinach salad. No recipe here - just a little seasoned corn bread dredge. I'm through with trying to fancy up fish.

Sunday: Makhani (Butter Chicken) and green beans

Monday: Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and a steamer

Tuesday: Pork chops and cooked cabbage - no recipe here - just old fashioned goodness

Wednesday: Chicken Satay and Okra, Indian style

Thursday: Paprika and parmesan baked chicken and broccoli

Gym went well today. Last night's mini-intervention went Sandy went better than expected. We'll know on Monday if we were able to get through to her. Her relationship with Bick is complicated, in large measure due to him and his behavior in the past. He's trying to make amends and is hit with "I didn't tell you because I was scared to". That's a tough one. Could be true, could be a convenient excuse. But it will up to them to work out their relationship. As he told her last night that they, meaning he and his EX and Sandy used to be a yelling family. Everyone yelled at everyone and tempers flared. He told her that he had left those behaviors behind and he was now part of a talk-it-out family and he wanted her to join it. He asked her to tell him when the last time he'd gotten angry with her and yelled. She did concede that it had been years. So who knows. The back story on school is that somehow, someway, something evil and hateful happened and her hateful school didn't process her FA and she got dropped for no-pay. Doesn't know why it happened and no one will talk to her about it. Fishy. But not my stuff to deal with.

The wasting-away Karen mentioned something in a comment about whether Bick's being gone for the week hurt or helped my mood. I guess it brings up the whole distraction issue. I think distraction as a technique for avoiding a binge or for use in breaking a bad habit is wonderful. Using distraction to avoid dealing with stuff is pretty much what overeating is. Using some action or person to avoid feeling whatever one is feeling or AFRAID of feeling. So his absence was good in the long-term. I couldn't use him as an excuse.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Avoid avoidance.



  1. I thought so. :D

    I like fish plainly cooked. Brook trout is my favorite fish.
    As usual I like your menus for the week and admire your diverse diet.
    Paprika and parmesan chicken ... good gawd yum.

  2. Sounds like you will eat well this week. The menu sounds so good.

    I really need to try new things. I don't think I have ever eaten Indian food. I am going to be brave and try it. What's good for a beginner?

    You sound like your feeling alittle better, so good for you.

  3. The menu sounds good - I'm trying to think of something to do with a trout fillet next week, I don't think I've ever cooekd trout before.
    I hope the intervention did work out. I remember reading past posts when things with Sandy seemed to be improving and it was clear that you were happy and hopeful for good things then, so maybe having to talk things through now will get her back on track again.


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