Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Carbfest = Sunday Crabfest

I'm an unpleasant individual today. Even the dogs are giving me a wide berth this morning. I failed at the distraction thing yesterday and ended up snacking around most of the day. I did take TGB - 135 pounds of USA Bulldog out for a walk. It's always fun to take the city dog out for a walkabout in the country. I am unsure as to who ended up walking whom, but we went at a brisk pace for an hour or so. I think the gravel roads kept the pace doable for me, as they slowed him down a touch.

Unfortunately, I forgot one of my pretty sure-fire distraction techniques - NYT Crossword Puzzles. I've got several of the bound books. When I quit smoking, it was one of my go to things. It's about time I spring for a new edition. Now there is no way that I am smart enough to start and finish one in one sitting. Nope, I just go through puzzle by puzzle, answering what I can. When I get to the end of the book, I start back from the beginning, working more of the puzzle. Obviously, it takes ME a long time to get through a book. But working puzzles is one of those things that requires practice to get back in the groove. So, I think I need a new starter book. I might leave TGB and the newly-coiffed SadieLu with P-Paw Bick and go do my grocery shopping and knock around a bookstore. Yea, that's the ticket. I just need to throw the pot roast in the crockpot and head for civilization!

Bick offered to take the couch last night, so TGB and I shared the bed. That was very sweet of Bick and I think we all slept a bit better last night. TCB had one small seizure (or at least I think that's what it was, based upon Pebbles description) but it didn't last long enough nor was it physically disruptive or dangerous enough to require additional medication. It's really because of his medical issues that he is so spoiled (or at least that what Pebbles' says) as he tends to seize at night and she wants him close to her so that she can comfort/medicate/seek assistance during an episode.

With all this rain and cooler weather, the garden is growing great guns. The spinach is making an appearance, as has the chard. The brussels sprouts are doing great, although they are probably just toying with me and will experience a massive failure at some point during the growing season. I hate to get my hopes up. The decorate pots that I've planted for the winter appear to be doing well with the combinations of pansies, herbs and some bright lights chard.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Have a plan and follow it!



  1. Now I know what the TGB is...I was wondering after reading your last post. I knew it was a dog, but a 135-pound bulldog. Oh my!

    I need to find a distractionn too. I've been thinking about knitting or something where my hands are busy (besides stuffing my mouth). It's just that knitting sounds so old ladyish. Oh well, guess I am one anyway, knitting or not. :)

  2. You couldn't possibly hold a candle to me yesterday in the 'avoid like the plague' stakes Roxie!
    I wish I could do what you describe withy the crosswords, I think they'd be a great distraction. My problem is that the books have the answers in the back, and I'm always too tempted to look 'em up when I get stuck... :-(
    I like cross stitch myself, though I haven't done it for ages.
    Can we see a picture of TGB? I love big dogs!

  3. Hey, what a coincidence, it's a crabfest here this morning too--had dinner with friends last night and how was I supposed to say no to the plum pie?

    I too would love to see a pic of TGB!

  4. I am feeling pissy for a whole different reason, but pissy just the same. I hope you feel better tomorrow. As do I.

  5. I'm just sore.

    RE: the NYT Crossword - you are aware they tend to go from relatively easy (for them) on Mondays and gradually descend to very difficult on Saturdays. At least as originally published. Sunday's aren't generally difficult, just big.

    Are you sure that's a dog Pebbles has or a 2 year old deer? That is one massive beast.

  6. I definitely need to follow a plan or make a plan and then I can actually follow it!


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