Monday, October 26, 2009

Veggie Tales

This weekend turned out to be very nice. My grocery shopping trip was pleasant and I brought home lots and lots of veggies. Bick suggested a trip to the Dallas Market on Sunday which scored even more veggies. The fridge is stuffed with too much stuff.

What I Loved About Yesterday: What I loved about yesterday was just as we were walking out the door, Sandy called to talk to Bick and he invited her to join us. She agreed and we spent a lovely, beautiful afternoon at the market. The surrounding vendors were selling pumpkins and gourds of all ilk and there were lots of parents and kids milling around picking out the perfect pumpkin! We introduced Sandy to this place AS SEEN ON FoodNetwork, et al for a true taco treat. Yumminess! And fun, in that truly Texas-tacky way.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get your pumpkin a pumpkin.



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend... I do envy you the Texan weather now that its nowhere near as nice here - we've had some Welsh monsoon weather already!
    I love markets with loads of fresh seasonal produce... lovely!
    I think you're 'things I loved...' feature is a great idea, such a nice cheerful touch!

  2. Nice veggie loot you scored this weekend.

    Like Chris, I enjoy your new feature too.
    Like a gratitude journal. An awareness of things being good.
    You're such a good teacher, Roxie.

  3. OOooo! That sounds like a great day and some great shopping.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love browsing outdoor markets.

  5. What a great day. I really enjoy the farmers' markets, but end up buying way too much. Everything looks so good.

  6. I luv the new feature, too. It makes me think about what I liked about my day.

    Good score at the market!


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