Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Update

My birthday celebration stretched into the weekend and it was lovely. I did not make it to the gym on Saturday morning, but I did get some exercise, so I'm counting it. Bick and I ended up here on Saturday. We walked around and looked at stuff for about an hour and a half and then Bick wanted to go make some offers, so I set out to get some real exercise. I walked at an exercise-pace through the infield, saw lots more good ol' sheet metal and generally enjoyed the view. Except for the men-in-denim-shorts. If you are a man, leave the denim shorts at home. No longer stylish, Dude. Only appropriate for changing the oil in that forty year old car.

Met Pebbles and Slater at the house, followed by Sandy and we all went off to the store for the sushi provisions. Wow - sushi is a lot of work! But I learned how to roll my own and it was great fun. Had a lovely time. Slater and Pebbles ended up staying all night and through brunch and dinner on Sunday. I sorta had to do the loaves-and-fishes thing with the Italian chicken and garbonzo beans. I turned that into a rustic Italian stew, made some gluten-free cornbread and called it dinner. Bick laughed and pulled me aside and said "They are like stray cats. If we keep feeding them, they will never leave." Lovely, relaxed weekend. One of the nicest celebrations I can recall.

I do need to dial in the focus a bit. So, I'm back off of morning coffee. I'd slipped back into that habit. I did not get any exercise on Sunday, save playing chase with Pebbles' 135 pound beast of a dog. That was such a show that the neighbors' stepped out on their front porch to watch. So I did get my heart rate up, but not for long.

So goals for this week 2 spin classes, 2 treadmills, 1 yoga class, plus a long workout on Saturday morning.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stay dialed in.


ETA: Thanks to Karen for passing along the Over The Top award. I'll answer the questions soon! PS. to Karen - the more I get to know you, the more alike I find us to be.


  1. That does sound like a great weekend! I remember a visit to Ft Worth Stockyards too many years ago to mention - with a short ride on the steam train. Modern transport just isn't as interesting is it?
    I must try to make sushi some time I think. I'm not sure I have a source of fresh enough fish though - my favourites are the raw salmon and tuna so I wouldn't want to get that wrong!
    I had a look at the Italian chicken and garbanzo recipe and I'm planning to make it myself sometime. Assuming you didn't have to change it too much to stretch it, was it worth the wait and all the menu changes?
    Were you chasing the dog or was the dog chasing you???

  2. Oh your birthday sounds wonderful. Glad that it was relaxing and fun and happy.

    rolling your own ... zigzag sushi papers!

    I think the same thing.
    I just wish I had your eloquence and ability to express myself as well as you do.
    You are good at comforting people. You do that really well. You are a comforter :D

  3. Wait... I missed your Birthday? Ew. HAPPY Belated!!

    ps... I'll take a California Roll please! yum.

    pps... I love Bick's comment about the stray cats. He is so funny! :)

  4. Crap, you even told when your Bday and then I go and forget it....sounds like you didn't miss me a

    I've always been a fan of rolling your own!

    It's the same for all kids, if you feed them, they will come! I saw Feild of dreams over the

    Glad you had a good Bday. HUGS

  5. Ooooh, I like this: "stay dialed in." Because, for me, stress eating is all about zoning out.

  6. Funny, my husband wanted to try on a pair of denim shorts a few weeks ago and I wouldn't let him - he was all "when did these go out of style?" and although I couldn't tell him WHEN, I assured him that they were. So thank you for the confirmation, lol!

    Your weekend sounds like fun - how nice that everyone enjoys each other's company so much! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Roxie!!!

  7. When I tried making sushi, it just turned into a mess. Maybe I was using the wrong brand of fish sticks...

  8. It's easy to slide off the rails when You get busy. I loooove coffee so it's something I could suck down all day long. as for 'self centered' comments. I find people who are that judgmental tend to be the most self centered. Hope your having a great day.

  9. What a great weekend. I know sushi would be more than I could handle, though it would be fun to try.

  10. Karen is the BEST EVER!! Thanks for the comments lately... I am busy (and distracted)- don't always make the time to return the favors. I am reading though!! I am glad Karen suggested your blog (long ago in a far away place).


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