Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Accidently Averted

As if I needed more proof that I live inside my head far too much. This morning, as I was walking out to get into Malibu Ken to make my way to The Happiest Place on Earth for work, I was writing this blog post in my head. I was happily congratulating myself on all the good things I'd done yesterday in the self-care department as I was backing out of the driveway. I stopped dead cold when I noticed Sandy's car right beside mine. I'd backed down half the driveway and didn't even notice Sandy's car. I KNEW she stayed with us. I was there when Bick asked her to move her car, to back farther down the driveway and to pick a side (not park in the middle). But did I even notice her car in the darkness this morning? Nope. Even though I knew she was with us, as I was being extra quiet not to wake her up. It was just a wonder that I didn't back right into her. If she'd have parked even a little to the left, I'd have hit her because I was EVEN with her car before I even noticed it. I back out using the driver's side mirror and luckily, I hug the left side of the driveway. As it was, it was far too close for comfort! What a way to get one's adrenaline pumping! Whew!

What I loved about yesterdayis a long list: 1. I got up and got centered with some yoga and meditation 2. Made myself an egg-white omelet 3. Went to yoga at lunch 4. Very productive work day 5. Fixed a yummy dinner for Bick and Sandy (shrimp scampi - on pasta for them, on fresh-from-my-garden sauteed spinach for me 6. Ate my before-bed apple in an attempt to aleviate night sweats (more on this later). 7. Got a good night's rest.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Be grateful when you catch a break.



  1. Good job getting through early morning driveway traffic unscathed. I write a lot of blog posts in my head, too. It's a wonder I haven't driven right off the road...

  2. Scary start to the day! I bet you were wide awake for the rest of the drive - and breathing kind of fast... I have to admit that when I leave early for work I sometimes feel like I've been in a trance for parts of the drive - I'll be surprised at where I am, and realise I don't remember some bits of the drive...
    Yummy sounding dinner, I never think to use spinach as a bed for other food, just as a salad or added to soups / curries. I like the sound of shrimps piled onto it - even if mine will come from the supermarket, not the garden!

  3. You did indeed catch a break! I've done the same damn thing when I lived with my daughter. Thank goodness I missed it by a hair!

    Always happens when I am thinking about my favorite thing.....ME!

    You did do lots of wonderful things yesterday!

  4. I have nearly done that exact same thing more than once - and how awful would that be, wrecking BOTH of our cars?!? Thank goodness you missed her car!!

    Looking forward to hearing more on this apple/night sweats connection!

  5. One time my hubby was home for the day and I totally forgot (even though I just said "bye" to him) and I did back into his car. It wasn't the best day I ever had!

    Glad you didn't hit her car!

  6. I've driven to work before and realized when I arrived that I couldn't recall one thing about the drive. My subconscious was in control, I suppose. It's probably a better driver than I am. :)

    Great day yesterday! Hope it's the start of a trend.

  7. I have made similar mistakes and been as grateful.

  8. Nothing like getting shocked back into the real world, huh? I write my blogs in my head sometimes, too, then forget half of it by the time I make it to the computer. *sigh*

    I need to know more about the b-4-bed apple thing. I've started taking black cohosh to try and tame the furnace. Works best when I remember to take it. I suffer from CRS, ya know.

  9. one time I KNEW my husband was home....but then walked around the corner, guess I forgot because when I saw him I jumped about a foot. Cause there was SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE. OY. heart attack.

  10. You are sooooo lucky not to have hit the car. Monday, that exact thing happened to my friend-- $2000 later the car will be repaired.

    You must be living right :-)


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