Friday, November 13, 2009

Hot 100 Update: Grade MIA

Eating has been clean, but the body is still feeling the effects of illness and travel. No exercise, but I hope to remedy that situation tomorrow. No spending on the wedding. That my change this week.

I have not weighed.

Plans for the weekend include baking a cake! Danger***Danger****Danger

My 15 year old neighbor asked me to bake a cake for the youth fundraiser at his church. How in the world can one say no to that? Well, if I'd thought about it, I should have just donated some money, but I think he wants to bring one of my "fancy cakes" to church. So while Bick is in Kansas this weekend, I'll break out the old pans and mix up some fondant. I'm thinking of something lemony in the manner of this cake....

The thing I loved about yesterday was seeing my daughter's ability to handle family drama surrounding her upcoming wedding events with grace and aplomb. My family sent their regrets in response to the invitation to the luncheon I am hosting. Pebbles cried a bit, but by the end of the day, she'd managed to take an alternative action that will bring her happiness. And I did find a place to use that airline voucher I picked up earlier in the week. We are flying in her best friend from Connecticut to attend. This was supposed to be a "family only" thing, but since about half of the family is opting out, Bailey is coming in to join us. And there I was, with a free ticket in my purse. Things have a way of working out. While I hate it that this happened, I'm very happy that Pebbles can both acknowledge her hurt and move the hell on.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. There is more than one path to happiness.



  1. aw gee, nasty. hmmm. It's nice that your daughter's friend is coming. I think I understand the drama you have been talking about with your family. Good job on staying on the strait and narrow with your exercise and eating.

  2. You are so sweet to bake a cake for your teenage neighbor - he will remember that forever.

    Don't weddings bring out the worst in certain family members? Poor Pebbles - glad you were able to come through with her best how that plane ticket worked out!

  3. If the cake is for the church, you can't hardly get into any trouble with that can you?

    Thanks for that "there is more than one path to happiness."

  4. That is a gorgeous cake.

    Good on your daughter for moving on. Such a happy occassion, she should think of only the good things. :)

  5. I thought the same thing earlier this week when I "volunteered" to make cupcakes for Mark to take to all his employees (most who are veterens)... But I managed to NOT have one, or even crave one. I do have to admit I did have a small lick of the knife once I was all finished, but it really didn't even do anything but give me a headache the next morning.

    Just enjoy the cake making process and then "give it away..." Such a nice thing to do!! And so nice that her friend will be able tc join you all, thanks to you and your generosity. i still hold it very dear that 2 of my best friends came to our "desitnation" wedding... and have not even blinked an eye of any family who didn't!! (if that helps any!)

  6. Sorry about your family stuff, but glad that your daughter is handling it so well. Great news about her friend coming's wonderful that you can use that voucher to bring her in.

    Also, hope you feel better soon. It sucks to be busy with a lot of stuff on your plate, and feeling crappy at the same time. Hang in there!

  7. Looks like Pebbles is learning from her momma. Bummer about the family drama. I know how that can be.


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