Sunday, November 1, 2009

Survivor: Halloween at Hillbilly Haven

I survived Halloween! Nary a morsel of the chocolate Kryptonite passed my lips. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, but I waited until the ghosts and goblins were almost at my door before making the mad dash into town to buy candy. No use having temptation around too long! We had maybe a dozen or so treaters and still have some candy left over, but as soon as it's possible, I'm sending Bick over to the neighbor's with the remainder. They have two human disposals over there - two teen-aged boys.

What I loved about yesterday:
What I loved about yesterday was a phone visit with a friend in NJ describing her 6 year old son's Halloween adventures. I do hate the phone, but I need to use it more. I'm such a hermit!

Actually my phone avoidance ties in to my belief (serious truth here) that sometimes I am invisible. Well, not really invisible, but just like a baby, if-I-can't-see-you-then-you-can't-see-me thinking. I know that sounds bat-shit crazy, but for the longest time, I would be out in public and convince myself that the people I saw and recognized somehow didn't see me. Obviously, a old self-esteem issue that morphed into more habit than anything else. Time to break that one too.

Today's plans include a trip to Home Depot (natch - wouldn't be the weekend without at least one). Plus a trip to the hunting and fishing aisle at the megastore - Bick has been losing the war with the birds roosting in his beloved car pavillion - our cars get covered with bird poop. His solutions, involving bird spikes, rubber snakes, a bobble headed owl and plywood, have proven unsuccessful. It's time for me to step up. My solution involves brads and fishing line. Malibu Ken is tired of looking like a statue in an Italian piazza.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Stand up. Stand out. Be seen.



  1. Congrats on the NSV with the candy.

    I understand bat-shit crazy. Perfectly. But you know that already. ;)

    I noticed your weight today. Nice. I'd love to be in the 140's ... yesterday.

    Good luck with the bird poop. It's meant to be lucky ya know. :D

    have a great Sunday, Roxie!

  2. I thought I was the only one with phonephobia. I loathe talking on the phone on "my time." Do too much of it during the day. I joined you in a no-candy Halloween. Even decided not to be part of trick or treat in the building. I was afraid I'd have too much left over and I'd be the receptacle.

  3. I hate the phone too! I was never a teenager that spent hours on the phone and I'm still not one to get on the phone if I can help it. God help me but I had over 1,000 cell phone minutes in the last two weeks.

    Like you though, I talked to my sister for two hours yesterday and it was wonderful! Guess the phone isn't all evil. :)

    Let me know if the bird thing works. At my office the birds have taken over. The windows are gross and I almost throw up every time I look at them (luckily I've been out of the office for 5 weeks - maybe they've washed them since I've been gone). They've tried the owl and netting, nothing has worked so far.

  4. Roxie thank you so much for your comment on my last post. I was feeling so alone and hopeless, and your comment really helped me a lot.

    Congrats on being candy free for Halloween. We're fortunate that we never get any trick or treaters so we don't have to buy candy. Otherwise I'd probably still be on my candy kick.

  5. Inever expect to be recognized either. thats weird isn't it. Good job on the no holloween candy, I hope you have a great week. Good job on the 140's.


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