Thursday, November 19, 2009

What Hump?

Yesterday at lunch, I had the unexpected pleasure of crawling on the Elliptical of Doom just as Young Frankenstein was coming on AMC. It's been years since I'd seen it and I'd forgotten just how much I adore Terri Garr. I know she's now facing health challenges and I hope she is doing well. And it goes without saying that Madeline Kahn was one of the funniest and finest comedic actresses that ever lived.

As for the apple-a-night experiment: Long-time readers know of my sleep challenges. I've been through a couple of sleep studies, been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and have been cursed with night sweats for a decade. Going to sleep has never been an issue; being unable to stay asleep all night is the bane of my existence. My anxiety most often manifests itself as disordered sleep. That's the backstory. I've complained to my doctor about the night sweats that I assumed were menopausal, but my hormone levels don't show me as having reached that stage, yet. (Remember, I've had a hysterectomy). I've tried melatonin, the OTC natural black cohosh stuff, Ambien, Lunesta, OTC sleep aids with no real good outcomes. I have regular checkups, etc, complete with blood work - but I'm wondering if I'm not at least a bit hypoglycemic.

Night sweats, restless sleep, night terrors are all listed as symptoms of the illness. Considering the fact that 99% of the time, I follow a pretty low glycemic-index diet - low carb - I'm wondering if my blood sugars test as normal, but somehow aren't? Anyway, anecdotally, I tend to sleep better and longer if I 1. eat too many carbs or 2. eat later in the night. So right now I'm experimenting with eating an apple right before I go to bed to see if helps me get better sleep ie not being awakened by the night sweats. Plus, I'm digestively-challenged as well, so a bit of extra fiber couldn't hurt. It's still an ongoing experiment. I didn't have night sweats last night, but I've been awake and up since 3:49am.

The thing I loved about yesterday
was last night's yoga class at the hippy dippy Yoga Yurt. As usual, Sandy met me there and we had yet another instructor, but I learn something different from each. Yoga is both a very simple and a complex practice that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Each instructor emphasizes something a bit different. Last night's instructor really concentrated on breathing, which for me, is the most important aspect. And for what it's worth, I didn't like yoga the first few times I tried it. I didn't "get it" and didn't feel I could do it "right". I spent a lot of time thinking and worrying about what others are doing in the class and I now know that no one gives a rip about what I am doing. Most everyone else is there to work on their own practice. If it's done right and with the right spirit, yoga is neither a competitive nor a spectator sport.

ETA: I stand corrected.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Get over the Hump.



  1. Young Fronkinsteen was a great movie!

    Sorry to hear about the sleep issues. I have them too. Today, woke up at 4:25am. I do not suffer the sweats though. Would be really uncomfortable. I hope you discover a solution or find some comfort soon. An apple a day...

  2. All things considered, maybe too many carbs really isn't? But - if an apple a night is helping and not putting your carbs too far above what you'd like - how can one argue with success?

    And bravo to you for hanging in there and trying enough things to find something that helps.

  3. Thanks for the blog; I forget sometimes we all come to a hump in the road.

  4. I wish I could embrace yoga because I know it's a great workout and good for mind, body and spirit. However, I just feel like a big out-of-place oaf every time I try it. Plus, I'm about as flexible as a 2x4.

    And I did mean "button" on my jeans post. I just said "clasp" as the more universal meaning of the word... don't worry... they're not making Levi's with clasps now (heaven forbid)...

  5. Interesting about the apple - I've actually been having one for dessert, but will try to push it closer to bedtime. I don't have night sweats as much as I used to (weighing less obviously helps) but I can't stay asleep.

    Glad yoga is working out so well for of these days I will have to get brave and actually try it.

  6. I am like you. I can fall asleep just fine, it's staying asleep that is the trick! Drives me insane.

    I loved Young Frankenstein! What Knockers!

    I am going to try the apple. I get night sweats as well, though not as bad as they used to be.

  7. Ditto on the falling asleep - it's almost instantaneous - makes Ron upset cause he lays there :).
    BUT I can not stay asleep after 4 hours. I have a four hour window that I can sleep but if I am disturbed in that time frame - I'm screwed. One thing I have found that has helped is to eat a handful of Almonds before I got to sleep. They have a smal amount of trytophan in them and seem to help me fall back to sleep after I have woken up after my 4 hours....

  8. LOVE Young Frankenstein and your post reminds me it's been far too long since I watched it.

    Good luck with the pursuit of good sleep. I suffer somewhat from the same thing, but not to any debilitating degree.

  9. Thanks so much for the yog link. I enjoyed the video there. Wow! How long have you been practicing? I went to a few beginner classes at my gym. Was really self conscious. Often think of pursuing it at home.
    I wish you good sleep! I'am very fortunate not to have a problem sleeping. Maybe once in awhile, couple times a year i'll just lay there and can't sleep. I'm sure you'll find the answer.


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