Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where was I?

There is an interesting phenomenon going on this morning in my office. Of the six of us who were unwise enough not to take the extra day off, four of the women have stories of distraction plaguing them today. One came to work wearing one black and one grey sock. Another has lost her glasses and thinks she may have set them on the top of her car this morning while loading up all the stuff she packs into the office. Another decided she need to clean out her fridge this morning, took it apart, removed the shelves, etc and then couldn't figure out how to get it put back together. The final story comes from a fellow insomniac who has been up since 3:30am, woke her husband up and they went out to breakfast this morning, long before the rest of us were even up. I do think that this happening is both gender and seasonally based. Traditionally, the planning/doing for the holidays falls upon the womens and we are all thinking about something else and are distracted right now.

Which brings up the importance of thoughts. I'm reading Infinite Possibilities, a birthday gift from the lovely Meg, and it talks about the power of thoughts. The basic premise is that what you think is what you become. I do believe that we have that power, just be reframing what we think about. It's a little more than the power of positive thinking, but sure as shooting, if I concentrate on the negatives, then pretty soon, all I see are negatives. That's where I've been recently and it's time to consider all the possibilities.

The thing I loved about yesterday was the little boost I got (via Bick) from the neighbor kid. Evidently my cake brought $80 at the auction on Sunday night. I would not have made so generous a donation in lieu of baking, so this one came out on the positive side for the youth group. Now I wished I'd taken a picture! At the time, I just wanted it OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Visualize the possibilities.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you friend!! Thanks for the recipe, sounds, um delish. I do love me some cream cheese, jello and pretzels, just not sure if all together or not. Sounds perfect and simple enough for me to make while on vacay.

    Cool news about your cake. I hope you enjoy your long weekend!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Roxie! I think you're right about the thinking thing. When I "make" myself think on the bright side, life is better.

    That's awesome about the cake!

  3. How very cool that your cake brought in so much money!

    Hmmm, that absentmindedness is everywhere - this morning a woman at my workout group could not find her car keys when we were done - we all were looking in the parking lot, the cardio room, everywhere, for about 5 minutes...until she realized that she wore a jacket and they were in the pocket. And it was funny, because we were all like "been there, done that" - so it was good to read your stories too!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Roxie - hope you have a great day with your family!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Roxie, I hope you and your family have a fantastic day.

    I also feel that what you focus on becomes your reality. I may just have to look into that book you are reading.

  5. Hi, Roxie! I just wanted to swing by and thank you for commenting on my blog! The outpouring of support that I have received so far on this journey has been incredible. You have done an amazing job yourself and I hope to be in your shoes someday soon, maintaining a loss of over a hundred pounds!

  6. Oh, I would love to be able to think myself into a less absent-minded frame of mind. But I will probably forget, lol!

    Woo-hoo - well done on the cake raising so much money!

  7. An $80 cake...that's quite the accomplishment!

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