Friday, December 18, 2009

Applesauce Versus Sour Cream

I've been getting into the holiday spirit by listening to XM Hanukkah radio station. Bick found it and recommended it to me. Obviously, I didn't grow up listening to Hanukkah songs, but they are very joyful to me.

I am feeling a bit better, but still not out of the woods. I did go to work today and my boss ran home and brought me some of his muscle relaxers which he promises to have me right as rain by Sunday. Better living through chemistry.

I'm feeling very urban this evening. I'm posting/reading/hanging out at the coffee shop mooching off the wifi and sipping a coffee. Tomorrow I don't have a lot planned during the day but I am going to Dallas to spend the night at Pebbles' and Slater's and see a local production of The Santaland Diaries. I am looking forward to that. Plus, Pebbles and I will make up more of the favor boxes for her to use to send home cupcakes with her party guests. She and Slater are hosting a Cupcake and Cocktails party the night before her 5:30am flight to PR. I am obviously very, very old, but that whole idea seems like lunacy to me.

Food and exercise are in the unmentionable category. I am sort of packed and I am getting excited about the trip.

That's all that's going on with me and this will probably be my last post until my return from PR. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. If you look for joy, you will find it.



  1. What is a Cupcake and Cocktail party? Anyone? I am guessing late night drinking is involved?

    Have a great trip. Going to check out the hoilday songs.

    I plan on finding said joy. It's going to be a great holiday.

  2. woohoo...have fun in puerto rico...
    enjoy the sun and get a tan for me and all the poor shlubs stuck in winterland.

  3. I hope you continue to feel better and that the wedding trip is wonderful. Cupcake and Cocktails? I will join you in the old fogie's section!

  4. Have an amazing trip and a fantastic holiday season yourself!
    I like to be in bed early the night before I travel - guess I'm an old fogie too! I might be willing to take a cupcake (and a cocktail...) to bed with me though!

  5. Are you thinking that they might actually SLEEP the night before that 5:30am flight?


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