Tuesday, December 15, 2009

In The New Year: Financial and Fiduciary

Just to get them down on paper now, as I won't have time to do so before the year-end - a few things I need to accomplish/finish early in 2010. There will be more of these as I cycle through the other areas of my life.

1. Finish will, POA, medical POA and living will
2. Finish financial planning paperwork to give to Meg
3. Go through and organize my files
4. Get ready for tax season – don’t forget Malibu Ken’s deduction
5. Complete my “What If Something Happens To Me” workbook
6. Develop a personal financial plan/budget with Meg’s input and advice including allocations for travel, repair costs for Reata South and retirement investing.
7. Implement a “Buy Nothing” month or months.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Plan for your future.



  1. I need a Meg!

    Good for you. I have a similar list. I would love to do better with my finances. You're right my past doesn't equal my future. I can change!

    Thanks for your comment today


  2. That is a damn good list especially number 7! I seriously need to implement that one and QUICK!

  3. Great list! I need to work on one of my own. :)

  4. Too much adult stuff...I can't fathom and obviously don't want to face any of what you are going to work on - especially #7!

  5. This is such a great list! We all should do these things.


We'll try this for a while.