Thursday, December 31, 2009

Out With The Old And In With The New

I'm home. They are married. Mission Accomplished.

I'm not allowed to publish photos until they release their wedding video/pictures/montage/whatever-the-hell-they-are-doing. The trip had some highs and some lows, beautiful weather, a volcanic ash interruption, ID theft and cleaned out bank accounts (Bick's), language barriers, high tides, excellent food (and too much of it).

I'm spending some time this evening thinking about my theme for next year and setting intentions for the year.

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you live in peace and ease.

These are my prayers for us all.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do it all with gratitude.

With love and thanks,



  1. Congratulations! Sounds like you had quite the adventure - can't wait to hear more.

    Thanks for the New Years wishes. Hope the changing of the year brings you the changes you seek. I'm sure you'll land on your feet.

  2. Here's to new beginnings in 2010!

  3. Well, despite the lows, I'm glad you are back home safe. So sorry to hear about Bick's ID theft. I had that happen to me a few Christmases (is that a word?) and it was an awful experience.

    I wish you the same, dear chica! And thank you for being "there" this year.

  4. Amen, thank you for your kind comments this past year.
    I hope your new year is full of great opportunities and happiness.

  5. Glad you are home, safe and sound! Can't wait to see the wedding wishes to you, Roxie, for a very happy new year!

  6. Welcome back, Roxie, I've missed you! It sounds like most of your trip was amazing, although I'm sorry to hear about the lows and the ID theft. We've had some problems in that line too, but were lucky enough that it was caught before we could lose any money.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, and for the good wishes in this post!
    A Happy New Year to you too, I really hope that this one is happier and healthier, physically, emotionally and mentally for you (and your readers)

  7. Identity theft sucks. Welcome back and Happy New Year. It is a very new year for you in many ways but I know you are going to knock its socks off!


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