Sunday, December 20, 2009

Possibly the Last Post of the Year

This is possibly my last post of the year. I'm still working on establishing my theme for the next year. I got this idea from Meg, who in addiction to being a certified financial planner is also a certified life coach. I get lots of good stuff from dear Meg. Anyways, she suggests a theme for the year, rather than resolutions or goals. A theme can wrap around and through many areas of life plus having a theme doesn't feel so much like punishment. So finding my theme of the year will be something to ponder for the year. I'm sure it will encompass my year at The Closet and all that entails.

I'm moving slowly to integrate myself into my new neighborhood. Our lofts had a Christmas brunch on Saturday morning and I marched my happy ass right into the room full of people I've never met and introduced myself all around. It was nice. I had a couple of nice chats with some people. Met a very interesting (and very gay) man named Edward and we had a great talk about modern architecture. Not that I'm an expert, but a little of Pebbles has rubbed off on me. As soon as I get back from PR and get a bit more settled in, I'm going to start offering my services as a paid dog-walker. I need the exercise and it will allow me to meet more of the neighbors. It appears the majority of the tenants here are twenty and thirty somethings with decent careers. I think this would be a good thing for me. Anyway, something I've been thinking about. Plus, it gives me times with some dogs. I miss SadieLu almost as much as I miss Bick.

I'm doing Christmas with my Mom and sister today, which means I will introduce them to The Closet. I'm sure it will envoke all sorts of emotions and I just need to be prepared. There are a lot of very strange dynamics at play when anyone in the family gets or does something that doesn't happen for my sister. My mom gets jealous - not even my sister. But that is there issue and if I talk to myself about the options prior to the encounter, then I'll be better prepared not to get sucked in or to get my feelings hurt. The vast majority of what goes on with Mom is her throwing her own feelings about my sister back on everyone else. Oh, well. Enough family drama. I've initiated this contact as I do want a relationship with my sister. My Mom, too, for that matter, but she's not particularly good for me, so I have to handle that one with care.

I went to Dallas last night to see the play with Pebbles, Slater and Paris, Pebbles' first roommate out of college. I hadn't seen her in a long time. I just adore her so it'was great to catch up. I opted not to spend the night, as I'd be up and about long before the sleepy headed couple.

And the thing I loved about yesterday was something almost indescribable - it was a group of funked out Santas and elves - as if they were on their way to participate in a burlesque show. There were probably about a hundred of them just walking through Dallas, complete with bullhorns and fishnet stockings. They were just adorable. Made me want to wear a strapless Santa costume. Shelley, you could have picked up lots of ideas from that. I think my favorite may have been Huggy Bear dressed as Santa. Think about a combo of Snoop, Rick James and Saint Nick, if Saint Nick wore feathers. Seriously fun costumes. But alas, I could not get any pictures. I just sat at the light and laughed, waved and honked. Great Fun.

I'm going up to Bick's tonight to have Christmas dinner with he and Sandy. It seems our situation has dramatically improved their relationship. I think it's caused them to each get a little more honest about the elephant in the room. I think that can only be good for them.

Well, I've got to get around her a pick up The Closet so she can be ready for the family inspection.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to each other. Embrace honestly on all levels.



  1. As almost always happens Roxie i'am in awe of you and how you live your life. You inspire me in so many ways to be a better person. I hope the meeting with your mom and sister goes well at the closet.

    I love the dogwalking idea....i've had that idea for where i live too but someone always talks me out of it like what if you lose a dog what if the dogs get in a fight and one gets hurt ...what if what if what if....and because i didn't have answers for all their what ifs then i just let it go. But to me it seems a wonderful idea. You help people out who feel guilty because they don't have the time to give their beloved pets the exercise they know they need and you get the dog interaction and the exercise AND you get paid for it! But what about all the what ifs????? You go girl! Love to hear how it goes when you make it happen. I also love that idea of a theme for the new year instead of you got me thinking....

  2. Hope you have a great Christmas season. Cast all your worries aside and enjoy the taste right outta the trip to PR, the wedding, everything about the end of this year. The food, exercise and new years theme will be waiting here when you get back. Bathe yourself in all the moments coming up because, damn! It's gonna be fun!

  3. I like the theme idea a lot. I had a theme for this year -- finding the positive and it's worked well. I may keep it or move on to something else. We've got lots of dog walkers in my neighborhood and my friends with dogs are always looking for reliable care takers when they travel. It's a good idea. Hope your holidays are happy and I'll be back in the new year.
    Blessings and good wishes!

  4. I'm so proud of you for going to the loft holiday party - that took a lot of guts, gumption and verve! (why yes, I have been playing Scrabble a lot)

    And I love the idea of a theme, rather than resolutions, for the new year. Can't wait to see what yours is...and I may have to see if I can come up for one, myself!

    Love the crazy Santas and Elves, and yes, Huggy Bear Santa is going on my list of costume ideas for next year!

    Hope you have wonderful encounters with your people today, Roxie.

  5. I love the theme idea as well!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to what your theme will be!

  6. I wil be thinking of this holiday season. Wishing yoou a very Happy Holiday and and very calm, peaceful vacy and wedding.

    I miss my mother, but sometimes I am grateful I never had to deal with an elderly mother. I've seen the kind of hold some "controling" "maipulative" older mothers have on their ADULT daughters. I never really had close enough relationship with my mother. I didn't get my act together until after my parents passed.

    I pray that I never turn into one of those old bitties. Fear makes people do insane, hurtful things sometimes. I know that that is true for me. I've seen it work that way in others, especially the elderly.

    I just might want to do a theme as well. That Meg might just have someting.

    Enjoy....everything thing about your trip! Happy Holidays!

  7. The funky Santas sound hilarious. Happy Holidays!

  8. Roxie, I hope all your holiday plans/events go well for you and that family drama takes a holiday. Have fun with Bick at dinner. Have fun with my mom and sister.
    Thanks for sharing your 3bees at the end of each post. I love them. And also like that theme idea.
    Have no clue what I'd come up with yet but it's a nice thought.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  9. I hope your holidays and trip to PR are wonderful. I can't wait to hear about PR! I've always wanted to go there.

    I sympathize with your problems with your mom...yes indeed I do! My mom is the greatest source of stress in my life. I'm really working to remedy that, and it sounds as if you are too. Good luck.

    Take care and give us a post when you get back!

  10. I am late in wishing you a good time, looking forward to reading all about it when you get back.

    Love the idea of a theme for the new year. Hmmmm...


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