Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Dog

I'm mostly over the destruction of yesterday. And I'm looking forward to keeping SadieLu next weekend while Bick goes fishing. Now there's a good dog, even if she does like to sleep on the furniture! I'll enjoy her company!

I've heard from a friend of mine whose brother is gravely ill. Now that puts things into their proper perspective. Things are just things. People are what's really important. Of course Pebbles offered to make restitution immediately and I have not decided if/how much/??? and she decided on the spot that he could not stay for the ski trip. So she's fully aware of her responsibilities here.

This week I've declared as extra-special-good-care-week, so I've made an appointment to get my hair colored tonight and then later on in the week, it's nails and a pedi.

This afternoon, however, is carpet scrubbing while awaiting the cable guy. Sigh.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. As Jinxx reminded me, Just Breathe!



  1. Sounds like a good friend that she offered to pay for stuff...she's probably more upset about it than you! SadieLu looks like another keeper, and she blends so nicely with the couch!

    You're so right about the perspective jolt that hearing about something like a very sick friend brings. I get so caught up in the little stuff at times, and it can take something legitimately serious to reel me back in to reality and what's really important.

  2. It's like you had Goofus and Gallant (please tell me you remember who they are)...I'm glad you are being extra kind to yourself this week. Perspective, yeah, but that was a rough thing to come home to.

  3. Hmmm I missed a post and have to go back a day.
    Sorry to hear about your friends brother.

  4. Holy Crapola! I felt so bad for you this morning after reading your post. That has happened to me before. It was costly to me, but I didn't have anyone to give the bill What a good girl to even offer.

    We are lucky we have good kids!

    Pedi sounds terrific. Think I will get one myself.

  5. I had to read your post from yesterday to catch up. Wow! That is one destructive dog!

    Glad you are treating yourself to some pampering. :)

  6. SadieLu is a beauty! Such a pretty face.

  7. I am so tempted to get a dog, but I remind myself that I live in a small apartment and doggy could get a little restless. Enjoy the take-care week!

  8. I love SadieLu! She is so beautiful... and such a good girl!

    Glad the books showed up. The Grisham one is very cute and the most light hearted of all of them. Enjoy!


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