Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maintain Maintain Maintain

Went to spin class at lunch yesterday and should have followed it with an Aleve chaser, but did not. Good workout. Had another good workout this morning after an iffy night's sleep. I was doing so well there for a while. Oh well, I'm still functioning at about 85% - I'll take it.

Got the mani and pedi done last night. No more pedi for me until summertime. Too darn much money - I wear very short but very fake nails as a maintenance issue, so I'll be keeping them. Between that and getting my hair colored tonight, it costs a lot of damned money to be an old woman!

I've got to do some things I don't want to tonight - cancel out of my wi-max. I went month to month, but I know I'll be hassled about this. I've just got to get this done before I have to pay for another month, since I now get my internet service with my local-channel cable bundle.

Today's class is restorative yoga. Delish!

pic is of me the morning of the wedding. I was trying to get a picture of my hair, which turned out very nicely. Obviously, I've not mastered the art of the self-portrait.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Maintenance is a bitch.



  1. I said a little "yippee!" when I saw you used a real live Kodak camera. And your hair did look fab for the wedding!

    (My verify word - auslo, the capital of Naurway)

  2. Ain't it a Bitch!!! Going for my own pedi tonight. I have no fingernails but my own. I love soaking my toes and having my feet rubbed. Worth every penny to me!

    Hair was lovely. Good luck with the wifi thingo. I hate making those phone calls myself!

    Hair was lovely. Every once in awhile I get lucky with my own hair.

    Keep workiong it....spin, yoga...I'm tired.

  3. Nice workout Roxie. I've never tried a spin class and someday I hope to. It sounds challenging.

    And Yes, getting old is expensive. I had to laugh when I read that cause it is so so true.

  4. You're hair is beautiful in the picture, plus you're extremely pretty. Wow!

    I had fake nails for a long time too, for the exact reason, they were easier to maintain. Then I read that stupid book 'How to not look old' (stupid, stupid book). But it had a thing in there about fake nails, you'll have to read it. Plus I was tired of the expense and the time and they were really bugging me because my nails grow super fast and so really needed them filled every week. Anyway, I took them off about a month ago and I'm really glad. I wear them super short now, real nails, with polish. For some reason they never chip now.

    Love spin class, but the times don't work for me so I do my own spin class on the bikes in the weight room. Totally love it. It's the cardio that burns the most calories. Can't beat that.

  5. "Aleve chaser" Ha! Too funny, too true. I only do the pedi thing in the winter when I have an event with open toe shoes, otherwise it's too much bother for toes that don't show. Plus you're correct - it's expensive to be an old woman trying to maintain.

  6. I dread making those phone calls too...and with good reason, as they usually try to give you a new deal that sounds good until you remember that you didn't want to pay ANY money at all, which is why you made the phone call in the first place!

  7. My favorite line "it costs a lot of damned money to be an old woman!"

    Boy, do I know that one.

  8. Took a spin class or two when i belonged to the health club. It WAS fun! I remember thinking want me to pedal for an hour straight???!!!!
    I'm so low maintenance i'm almost below sea level! I've NEVER had a pedi or a mani. The idea of someone touching me is yuck! And daugher put on fake nails for me for a wedding and they hurt me sooo bad so i don't think i want a real mani.

    You look beaUtiful in the picture. You probably would have got a great pic without the flash durn it!

  9. Love your hair in the picture! Of course, I love your new look, too - so classy!

    I hate dealing with those kind of phone calls. They always try to pressure you into sticking with them.

    I think I must be the only female that doesn't enjoy getting a mani or a pedi. I tried the nails and they hurt too much for refils and I just plain hate sitting there while they jabber away. I do go once in a while when I feel lazy to do it myself ;)


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