Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mixing It Up

Great day, so far. Worked out first thing this morning. Bick decided not to come to town today, so after my CODA meeting, I headed to the resident monthly brunch held by The Closet's management. I met several other residents, which was nice. A couple of the people are opening businesses in the immediate area, so that was interesting to talk with them. One couple from the LA area, took early buyout options (they appear to be about my age), sold their house (before the crash) and then traveled around the country looking at places to live and to open their business. They chose here. I think their business is a franchise, but I am not sure. It's an ice cream type shop.

I also met the woman who has just opened a wine room here in the neighborhood. She has a fully producing vineyard as well, she's just opening the retail part of the venture. She has organized an event at her wine room - a 6 minute walk away - for the residents later on in the month. She is probably in her early 30's. How brave is that? She's done the sommelier school/internship/etc winemaking apprenticeship, plus some other things I can't recall and now she's opening this place. I hope she is wonderfully successful.

I did learn something about The Closet at the brunch. The Closet is a "blue door" which means not premium. I was asked at brunch if I was in the premium section - I said that I certainly didn't think so. I think I'm probably about as low as one could go here - actually, I think there is one floor plan smaller than mine. But seriously, as I heard Rick Steves say on his radio program today - if you are sailing the Nile, it really doesn't matter if it's on a $50,000 boat or a $5M yacht - the experience of the Nile is still the same. I don't know if I quite believe it, but as far as enjoying the location, I get to enjoy it just as much as the "orange doors".

After brunch, I came back to The Closet, got into my walking clothes and set out to walk around my neighborhood. I really hadn't done much of that since moving in. But today I timed my walk to the bus stop (9 minutes - I thought it was MUCH closer) and then headed to the park/river. What a great outing! While the sun wasn't really shining, it was warmer than it has been and the wind wasn't blowing. There were cyclists and runners, walkers and dogs, families and fishermen all enjoying this great public space. It was just awesome! I can't wait to go back out - perhaps tomorrow after church/meditation class.

So I'm heading out to make another pass at picking up my SHOES! I went by this morning to pick them up but they were not ready. They'd promised them on Friday, but are running behind. Then it's off to my favorite grocery store to load up on the veg. I'm planning on coming home and setting to roast a week's worth. I'm now trying to follow my own advice and choose what I will eat when making the decision is easy. I may take my own self to a movie tonight. I do want to see Up In The Air.

Dinner last night with my mom and sister was very nice. They showed up with a new, small flatscreen television for me. Sigh. So, I now have a tv, even though I had no plans to acquire one. This living/learning year-long experience won't amount to much if I spend it inside watching television, which is a trap I can easily fall into. So I think they were disappointed in my lack of over-the-top enthusiasm for my gift. I tried to get them to return it and get their money back, but to no avail. I guess I don't have to plug it in.

That's all I've got for now.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Mix it up.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful time spent with the neighbors. How cool to have all of these little shopkeepers that you know and can walk to their shops!

  2. I envy your life! It sounds like you're having so much fun living in the city. Great experiences, new sights, just what you needed.

    I love the idea of not plugging in the TV. I'm working towards having my husband turn off cable which will be the end of TV (we can't get local reception). At first it was an adamant NO. Now he's starting to think maybe he's watching too much TV and that it's sucking him in. Ha! No kidding, I've been telling him that for years.

    I wish I lived near you, because I'd love to see Up in the Air. My husband (my normal date) has no desire...says it sounds depressing.

    Also - we saw It's Complicated last weekend. Loved it. Loved Alec Balwin's character (even though he was kind of a jerk at times). But he was definitely sexy. :)

    Have a great Sunday. Enjoy the sights and sounds and smells of your new spot in this world. Sounds fun!

  3. It sounds like you are making great steps to a new life these days. I admire you for filling your life with good things.

    Thanks for the b-day wishes.


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