Friday, January 8, 2010

Morning Brew

Here's a picture of the coffee I brought back from PR. While you can buy pretty much anything you want from the states, coffee doesn't seem to be on the available list. PR actually grows their own and I assume that's why there are no imports allowed. Turns out, this is pretty good coffee. I just finished the last of it this morning before heading out in the two degree wind chill factor morning to walk across the street to the gym. My face hurt by the time I got there. I don't know how you notherners do it. I'm from the PNW, but bitter cold was a rarity.

Good workout this morning - a combo of elliptical, running and walking. Nice way to start the day coming on the heels of another good night's sleep. Yay for ceiling fans, earplugs and sleep masks. I seem to have solved the ambient temperature issue as well to get it and keep it cold enough at night, but not too cold.

I'm off to the lawyer this afternoon to make Pebbles an heiress(ha!) if something were to happen to me. Turns out, getting all the legal stuff - wills, medical poa, living will and POA, doesn't cost an arm and a leg if it's simple. Seriously, if you don't have all of this stuff in place, get it done. Your kids will love you for it. As the daughter of a man who died at a very young age, unexpectedly and intestate, you do not want to do this to your kids. Get your stuff together. Call around and ask for attorney recommendations and get something down on paper about your wishes, both financial and medical. End of PSA.

Bought myself a new crossword puzzle book last night and enjoyed working a puzzle. Boy, am I rusty!

Plans for the weekend include The Haircut of Desperation, CODA meeting, putting clothes away into dresser and staying warm. I am also planning to host some girlfriends for Girls Night Out on Thursday, so a little prep for that.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Make your wishes known.



  1. Love the new look! It is so cold there. BRR

    I need to get my stuff together and least get a living will.

    Have a great weekend. Girls night sounds fun. I love doing that.

  2. Glad you are getting some good sleep - that makes all the difference in the world! Good on ya for braving the frigid elements to workout. I think the worst part is getting back into the cold when you are all wet and sweaty...or is that just me?

    Thanks for the PSA - we really need to do something, as our will is 17 years old (did it back when our youngest was 3) - um, some things have changed since then!

  3. I cover up my head and face in the cold - makes a world of difference.

    I did my stuff last year and got all it straightened out. I don't know why I waited so long. I would have thought the stuff I went through with my Mom's estate would have taught me to get it done right away so that my kids didn't have the issues I had.

    Night out with the girls - now that would be fun - enjoy and let go!

  4. Katie J,

    CODA is Codependents Anonymous, a 12 step program for people who want to have better relationships with themselves and with others.

  5. I'm all for getting ones stuff taken care of. Got a trust set up years ago though I said my sons couldn't have anything until they were 37 years old. I never thought I'd see that day. It's still a ways off in the future. By that time and with the markets in the toidy, and all the money I lost in the last years, I won't have a cent to leave them.

  6. I love seeing your intention list to the side, will be fun to track right along with you!

    Sounds like you're plugging away, one day at a time. And that's all you can do, so keep it up!

    Great advice on prepping for the future, my mom had left that mostly unfinished and like your situation being an interstate situation, made it quite difficult. bummer man!

    Enjoy your weekend!! Sure wish I was an invite for GNO. I could use some real live friends.

  7. Redid my will etal last summer. No children, but close relatives and it felt good when it was done. ovelly


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