Thursday, January 14, 2010

No Rain

Thanks to Diana and Sandra for the recent awards. I'll satisfy the requirements over the weekend if that's okay. The Happy Award asks that I list ten things that make me happy. Pictured here is the top of the list. Here's my darling daughter in her Halloween costume at the ER getting her foot looked after. While she has the ability to get on my very last nerve, I'd fight a circle saw for her.

As for food, well, I've got to get a grip! Last evening was another over-eating night. I've not been planning as I have in the past, so this weekend, it's back to the grocery store to stock up on foods that are good for me. After GNO, I'm hopefully that the not-good-for-stuff is GONE. I'll know not to buy ahead of time next time I do this. I've got to follow my own advice and make the decisions when they are easy, not when they are staring back at me from the fridge.

So today, I'm feeling the physical hangover of, not a binge, but just overeating. Hate waking up that way. Oh well. Enough of that.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. Do all that you can to make yourself happy.



  1. Your daughter is very beautiful Roxie. She looks like she just emits warmth.

  2. Pebbles looks like she would be a ton of fun to hang out with!

    As for the GNO food - yeah, I would have a hard time keeping it in the house for longer than necessary without snacking on it.

  3. You changed the layout of your blog!

    I call those food hangovers where you eat too much, maybe not of bad food, but just not what your body is used to consuming.

  4. Cute photo!
    Also, I try to make sure that I don't have foods that are not good because when i am alone, I sometimes want to eat out of addiction and feeling lonely. If I had "over-eating" nights (like more than one in a row) I'd think I was eating out of the urge to fill that emptiness. Do you do that? You don't seem to be that type. Though loneliness is really difficult to overcome some times.
    Good luck with this stuff. Get some good foods.

  5. Your daughter looks a lot like you, very pretty. Plus she looks you. :)

    I know all about making bad choices. I was on a roll of bad choices for a few months. Finally getting a grip on this thing. It's not easy but you'll get back there too.

    Planning is a huge part of it. Takes a lot of that spur of the moment decision making out of your hands. That's when I really screw it all up!

    Hang in there Roxie!


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