Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off To A Good Start

Got up and got my morning workout in. I was in the workout facility this morning when the power went out of the whole building. Evidently it did something funky to the elevators even after it came back on. Luckily for me, I'd decided yesterday to take the stairs as often as possible when leaving the building(s) on foot, so I'd found the way out via staircase. Being stuck in an elevator is NOT a good way to start the new year.

I ran some more errands yesterday - still trying to get life settled here in The Closet. I also went window shopping - Pier 1 was having a spectacular sale. I had to back slowly away from the store. Dangerous and it's in walking distance. Luckily for me, I'd have to carry home whatever I'd purchase, so that will be my deterrent.

Today's task is to get the curtains put up in the bedroom area. I overlook the patio space and there is a light that shines in, even though I have blinds. I have curtains and rods, but I need to go buy the hardware to put it up. Sleep needs to be my first priority. I'm still acclimating to The Closet - trying to find the perfect ambient temperature for knocking around and for sleeping. Last night I turned the ceiling fan on and it provided a nice amount of noise, so outside noises were much less loud.

I intended to make a CODA meeting this morning. I'm changing groups, I think. The Saturday meeting is women only. Unfortunately, I was sure it began at 10:00. Of course, it started at 9:00, so I missed it. There is always next week.

Tomorrow I plan to go into the office for a couple of hours to get some strategic planning done. The work project will eat my lunch if I don't stay on top of it.

Random reflection on 2009: Probably the most important thing that happened to me last year was my realization and understanding my need for external validation. I don't know how I'd missed that for so long, but understanding my tendencies will help me deal with this more appropriately in the future. It's pretty liberating, for sure.

That's all I got for now. I'm going to read a few more blogs and then it's off to the hardware store.

Take good care of yourself. Be kind to others. You are enough.



  1. I try to employ your Pier 1 rule (having to carry home whatever you buy) when I go to Target - unless I'm getting something big or bulky, I try to not grab a basket - that way I only get what I came in for and don't end up throwing a bunch of extras in the basket.

    I sleep with the ceiling fan on most of the year for the noise-cancellation factor...good that you found it helps with the noise in the Closet.

    Good luck hanging your curtains. When can we see pictures of the Closet?

  2. Welcome home, Roxie! I missed you.

    I have a love-hate relationship with Pier 1 too. I love to shop there, but hate it when I spend too much money (mostly on stuff I don't really need).

    You know, I've never heard anyone discuss (in a blog) the need for external validation. But when you wrote that, a light went on for me. That's what I'm constantly searching for, and it's all wrapped up in a lot of other distorted thought processes. If I were to just take the need for external validation (which is not a bad thing) and separate it from some of those weird ideas of what's acceptable, maybe I wouldn't be so neurotic. Does that make sense? Anyway this is definitely something I will need to think on and discuss with Dr D.

    Thank you for being there for me this past year. Your blogging and commenting on my blog have really helped me get to a better place.

    Your friend ~ Graciela

  3. Love Pier 1 - I have to stay away from there, too.

    We have an air cleaner that we run for white noise since we live on a busy street. It works pretty well most nights. I am with Shelley - any pics of the Closet coming up?

  4. My shopping problems are in food stores - not boring supermarkets, but delicatessens, Whole Foods Market & Asian supermarkets with food packaging written in languages I can't read... Then they sit in my cupboard and get forgotten because I don't know what to do for them...
    I'm totally with you on the need for external validation. My husband doesn't care what anyone thinks of him, but I'm not confident enough in my own opinion to feel that way! I hate to sound non-PC, but I think that's more of a female issue a lot of the time (or are we just more likely to own up to it?)

  5. I crave outside external validation. Since I was a kid. I should have been an entertainer. When I was a kid my mother told me how I loved appaulse.

    I guess crave isn't the word anymore, but it's really hard to stay out of self long enough to feel like I am enough. I feel most confident when I am serving others. I guess that's because really "need" so little validation. Does that make sense?

    I think of you like Marlo Thomas in "That Girl". Single woman making it in the big city. LOL. I envy your bravery and that you are prepared ( emotionally and financially) to do it as well.

    Happy New Year...and may you have year full of peace and love. Thanks for the email. Talk about validation! Made me feel so good. I really needed that email at that moment.

    Thanks for your friendship.

  6. All it takes for me is someone looking like they are being entertained by my comments; and I'm off.

  7. Love, love , love Pier 1!!! I try to stay far far away. :) How funny i just talked about external validation on my last blog entry and how i need it. Geesh guess we are on the same sheet of music.

    Infact when reading the very last sentence of your blog i could feel tears come to my eyes. I'am enough. I'am enough, I should have to repeat that 10 times a day.I'm much further along believing that at this point in my life then i ever have been before. So thats a good thing. Thank you Roxie for all your wonderful insight.

    I have to give you my two cents........we need closet pictures! :)

  8. hey, just dropping in to see how your doing and say howdy...gotta go. Have a great tomorrow.


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